Practice Gratitude.....

Gratitude: A sense or feeling of thankfulness.

I have been thinking of things to put on my gratitude list so I can remind myself every day how truly wonderful my life is. (especially when I think it is not!)

What are you thankful for ?

 I love this photo I took. Isn't nature just a miracle in itself ?


simplelife said...

A topic dear to my heart...today I'm grateful for(in no partricular order):
my health
the love of my family
a pantry full of food
a home to protect me from the elements
the sunshine(even though it's deceiving and cold out)
a quiet day after 2 very busy weeks
fresh air
a safe country to live in
my freedom
the climbing rose outside my window
my pets who love me unconditionally ( well almost as long as I feed them)
blogs that remind me I'm not alone in my thinking and allow me to feel a connection with others
people who inspire me to be all that I can
the chocolate chips I found hidden in the back of the cupboard
practising gratitude because it quickly puts things back into perspective and sets me back on track.

cheers Kate

ps what are you grateful for?

Michelle said...

I love the attitude of gratitude, it makes me appreciate all the wonderful things in my life.
I am grateful for all the rain we have had recently that is making my veg garden flourish, everything turn gree again and is filling up my tank.
I am grateful for good health, great hubby, great kids and my most gorgeous grandson.
I am grateful to be debt free and have part time work that I enjoy.

Cheers, Michelle

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