Chasing Joy

" Joy is what happens to us 

when we allow ourselves to 

recognise how good 

things really are "

  -    Marianne Williamson

I chase Joy. It is the ultimate in happiness. I used to think that it was only attainable once you reached a certain income level, had certain assets or traveled to certain locations.

As we adopted a more simple life, I found joys in the weirdest of places.,,, and I mean weird. Things that I used to hate before, became quite enriching.

What I came to learn is that joy is a mindset. Once you slow down and start looking for it, you see it everywhere.

Here are some of the strangest places I have found joy.

Indulgent Ironing 

A Healing Home 

The Daily Sweep 

My Most Used Kitchen Appliance

The Air Pot 

The Tea Towel

Modern Retro Housewife

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