7 Deadly Sins That Kill A Simple Life

1. Failing to Plan Ahead. - always running around doing things at the last minute, creating stress that could have been avoided.

2. Overscheduling. too many commitments, too many appointments and engagements. Not enough time to relax and enjoy yourself and spend some quality time with your family.

3. Impulse Buying With A credit Card The 'buzz' of something new soon wears off. By the time the credit card bill comes in you may regret the purchase but have to pay for it with interest!

4. Staying on the Debt Treadmill The longer you stay in debt, the more time you have to work to pay back the debt plus the interest. If you didn't have any debt, would you have a different job, work less, pursue your dreams? How would you live differently if you could step off the treadmill ?

5. Putting Wants ahead of Needs Look in your cupboards/garage/storage shed. There lies all the 'stuff' you have spent your hard earned money on. If you could add it all up what would the total be ? What about all the 'stuff' you have already thrown out, donated, or given away ? What are your true needs versus your wants ?

6. Exposing Yourself to too much advertising Would you read a book called " 101 ways to make yourself feel totally inadequate" ? Advertising is designed to firstly to point out how poor/ugly/fat/undesirable/unintelligent you are and then show you how you can fix it by buying a product. If you don't want to be convinced how inadequate you are, limit your diet and advertising, get in touch with your 'joy factor' and live a fabulous life!

7. Competing with the Jones'. Continually comparing yourself to others is a downwards spiral! The Jones' may have a fabulous house but I am guessing there is also a fabulous mortgage. What you see on the outside is very rarely the real deal. Make a commitment to yourself and your family to build a life of integrity from the inside, as opposed to a life showing things off externally. Build strong marriages, strong family bonds and genuine happiness.


Unknown said...

Oh I don't know aht to say except HERE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dina Roberts said...

All VERY good advice.

I find what's a downfall to me is reading/watching/paying attention to any celebrity/fashion stuff.

I start to feel I need better make-up, better hair products, better clothes, etc.

The more I stay away from that crap, the better I feel.

Sandy said...

Fabulous Post! So many great points. The one that I think a lot of people overlook is the sneaky brainwashing that you get when you watch t.v. or even read magazines ... frankly, even clipping coupons. Do I REALLY need that? Thanks -- enjoying your blog, new to it. -Sandy

Anonymous said...

I have always questioned the validity of "keeping up with the Joneses". If the Joneses have lots of flashy expensive things in this day and age. it usually means they are in debt..... and probably trying to keep up with the Smiths. The Joneses don't really know what they are doing!! Why would anyone want to emulate that?

EnviroKat said...

terrific post - great advice!! liked it so much I made a post about your post!
Thanks :)

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