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Weekend Recap

What a lovely relaxing weekend away I have just had. A whole weekend at Camp Elim (near Forster NSW). It is a similar style to a sport and recreation camp, mostly designed for school groups and definitely not five star, but when you have the opportunity to work uninterrupted on your albums all weekend and someone rings a bell and feeds you, then that is quite okay.

On Saturday evening I walked down to the lake and took some photos as the sun was going down. It really is the most beautiful place to sit and ponder life.

Of course, I had to sneak a photo in of my work table all set up. It didn't look like this for very long.

It was lovely to get away, but it was also lovely to return home. Now I'm off to do some unpacking and sorting and to get out into my garden. It was really warm yesterday and I feel the need to till the soil!


My Creative Space

I like to have a creative space. It is a place where I can sit and.....create. The space is almost like a canvas itself. It is a collection of little things that bring me joy, photos, flowers, tidbits of memories.

Overall, I think it is the combination of the colours that make me happy. Considering that the rest of our home is neutral coloured with timber furnishings, this room is quite a contrast. The desk is just a fold up table and the shelving was put up by Hubby.

This is the space where I sit, or the boys sit to make things. I use it to make cards or do some scrapbooking. I always joke about how therapeutic it is to sit and cut up bits of coloured paper.

I got these paper racks second hand when a local scrapbooking shop was closing down. It's not as if I do so much craft that I have to have these out all the time, it's more that I love the rainbow of colours. ( They are Easter hats on the top shelf, waiting for some pieces to dry)

The whole area needs a bit of a clean up. The space is just inside the office door so it tends to be the hot spot where things like paperwork and school notes are put when the rest of the house is being cleaned.

This is the style of albums I make. I am not very decorative, I am just producing photo journals to have a hard copy of our yearly adventures. These photos are from last year's Junior Spirit, a triathlon style event held at Forster each year.

Do you have a designated area where you create. knit, sew ? Do you have an area that you purposefully decorate to make yourself feel a particular way or to express your individuality. I think expressing yourself in a creative way is good for your soul!


Ticking off The To Do List

Slowly ticking off everything that needs to be done at this busy time of year.

Yesterday I had a fabulous day on the lake and the beach near Forster. I went with the kids to their end of year break-up day and it was jam packed with activities. There was canoeing on the lake, sandcastle competitions at the beach, ball games, parachute games, bush walking, treasure hunts. It was well run and let me tell you..... exhausting!

This morning I did the talk back segment on ABC New England/ North West. It was going fine until our funny little cockatiel (named Kevin!) got his wing caught in the cage and started flapping and squeeking really loud.

I got totally distracted and don't think I answered one of the questions! LOL Hello to any new readers who heard the programme today. Check out the content here and send me an email to say hi. I would love to hear from you!

Today we also had the annual prize giving and we were very proud of our sons. The eldest received the science award and the youngest the mathematics award.

In amongst all of that I have managed to squeeze in some card and tag making.

How are you going with your busyness? Do things speed up at this time of the year?


I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas.....

.... and when all of the white is gone, I'll start on the red!!

I have been making some handmade tags and cards.....

are you doing anything special at the moment to prepare for Christmas ?


A Weekend of Memories

I am very excited to be heading off to my annual scrapbooking camp today. Three lovely days at Camp Elim on the lake near Forster NSW. It is the one time of the year when I can catch up on my albums. I don't scrapbook like you see in the shops with all the piles of ribbon and flowers and sticks and anything else that can be found, to me it is more like a photographic journal. The important thing for me is capturing the story that goes with the photos, like a diary of our daily pursuits with photographs.

I do this in 'hard copy' because although everything is in digital format, the format changes every couple of years. As an example of this I look at my childhood which is on 8mm silent film. The projector doesn't work properly anymore and yes I could probably get it fixed and convert the films to DVD etc etc, but the format will change again before too long. Just think - we started with the 5 1/4 inch floppy disk and then moved to the 3.5 inch disk and then the CD and then the DVD - what will be next ? Realistically I will have to convert my photos into a new format about every 5 years or so.

So for me, it's the old fashioned way. I take photos and I get them printed then I put them into museum quality albums and write with archival inks and preserve them. In the future there will be no outdated technology required to view my history, just the naked eye.

I have all my photos sorted and printed into groups ready to go for my intensive album making session. I have made notes to trigger my memory about what I want to record on the pages and it will be head down tail up working hard all weekend.

Making albums brings me so much joy. For each of my boys I have written an album 'to' them. It is a series of letters and photographs starting with when they were growing in my tummy. It captures how I felt about the day they were born, bringing them home for the first time, when they took their first steps. They love to look at them and read them. It is my view that it reinforces in them how they fit into the family and how precious and loved they are. In our busy lives do we ever take the time to write a note to someone and tell them how precious they are in our lives ?

This is my chance to record history for my family.

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