Easy Potato Bake

This would have to be the easiest dish to put together and compliment any meal. Tonight I have made a smaller serving as it is just the four of us for dinner. Other times I would use a large baking dish if we are having a bbq or have guests for dinner.

I use as many potatoes as I think will fill the bowl. I then add in a few sweet potato slices for some colour and a different flavour.
I mix together some milk, crushed garlic, a chicken stock cube and some Italian herbs until I have enough liquid ( I add water if necessary) to splash some around each layer as I am putting it all together.
I sprinkle the top with some mozzarella and a handful of Italian herbs and put it into the oven on 180 c for about 45 minutes. I poke it with a knife to make sure it is fully cooked.
I often cover it with foil and sit it aside until other dishes are ready, it seems to keep the warmth really well.

Oh, and I am really living this retro orange glass dish. I use it for everything - especially self saucing puddings! .............................yummo


Papercrafting With A Personal Touch

When I make a card I like to match it to the person receiving it. This card was made for my friend Liz, who we had a surprise party for on Saturday night.

It is elegant, classic and beautiful - just like her!

If you are into papercrafting goodness and want more details on how I made it, head on over to my other site www.splendidstamping.com


Post Vacation Blues

We arrived back from our annual holiday and for the first few days I had what I coined 'post vacation blues'. Normally I am really happy to go away, but very happy to return home again.
We use our annual holiday as a time for renewal. We make our plan for the upcoming year, talk about our focus and and areas of improvement we will launch into for the upcoming year.

We also totally relax.

I enjoyed watching 'Chocolat' ( must be about the fifth time I have seen it and still love it!)

I enjoyed having lazy breakfasts like this.

and of course there was lots and lots of this.......

I think I got a little too used to having someone come in and change the towels. I even joked about employing some person who I never actually meet who will come in like the tooth fairy and do things while I am not looking. lol

But.... thank goodness that feeling has passed and I am now ready to face the year.
We had family come and stay last week, so it was nice to be home and to enjoy spending time with people you love.

Now it's time to put my 2010 plans into action.

April Theme: Re-organise and Transition

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