Birthday Presents

This is a photo of the birthday presents I received this year.

My birthday was quite a few weeks ago now, but I have been recently looking at the photos.

I bought the shoes with some money that my in-laws gave me.

I love these shoes because they are Tsonga brand.

They are hand made in South Africa by zulu women who have an organisation called Thread of Hope.

There are 160 women employed by the company and they pay above minimum wages.

They have started a creche and they also grow fruit and vegetables to contribute significantly to their area.
It makes a nice change from the label that I usually see on everything I pick up.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. I'd love to support those ladies. Firstly I will go and check the website. Then I will plan a little.

libby said...

Great shoes. Love the story behind them. Where did you buy them?


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the Tsonga shoes? I am from South Africa and bought some on my last visit there, and loved them! (I am in Sydney btw!)

Anonymous said...

I have read about those women what a great thing they do.

Anonymous said...

We have 2 shops in my area of New Jersey called Ten Thousand Villages, which is the same, made by villagers in third world countries to sustain a living. I have bought a remade jean skirt purse, wooden ornaments and recieved presents from my sister-in law from this shop.
Good idea to post a picture of your Birthday presents. Grace

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