Chicken Whatever.... a simple recipe

'Chicken Whatever' is a family favourite. Simply slice up some chicken breast and marinate it in 'whatever'. My 'whatever' usually consists of a combination of things off this list:

Hoisin sauce

soy sauce

Worcestershire sauce

garlic cloves


sesame seeds

I throw the 'sauce' into a container and cut up the chicken and plonk it in and give it a shake. I say 'marinate' because I usually leave it while I go and do some other jobs. If I am really organised I do it earlier in the day and pop it into the fridge. It is so lovely to know at 11am what you are having for dinner that night, it brings PEACE.

If I want a little extra sauce I add a chicken stock cube mixed in a cup of water. I then add in anything I have on hand -might be carrots, celery, peas, shallots, onion, capsicum.

Serve on a bed of rice and ...... da...da...... A VERY simple, satisfying meal. I just have to come up with a more exciting name for the dish.


Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious, I'm going to try that one! Thanks for sharing.


Karen said...

This recipe sounds nice so I nabbed it thankyou! And it will always be "Chicken Whatever" now! LOL

Suze Q said...

Sounds really good. And I like the name - if it wasn't Chicken "Whatever" you'd end up making it the same each time! I make Leftover Soup - it's never the same, but we enjoy it every time.

Belinda said...

I hope you enjoy that I have nominated you for an award

Anonymous said...

Sesame chicken

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