I'm Taking My Sanity Out To A Movie

After reading one of Anita Bell’s personal finance book I introduced the idea of sanity money to the household. This is an amount of money that is allocated to you personally that you are allowed to do anything you like with. When you first start budgeting and you find it quite restrictive, you may allocate yourself an amount of sanity money that, whilst being restrictive, you can actually live with.

Over the years, my sanity money has dropped down to $10 per week. It seems I have weaned myself off buying things to make myself feel better or feel less deprived. I often don’t spend all of my sanity money and have some ‘carry over’ amounts which build up. Other weeks I blow it all on my addiction, - my signature vanilla latte on skim. The more I space these coffees, however, the more divine they are to sit and sip.

It’s important that you have sanity money, for without it you go mad! You start buying things willy nilly because you are not allowed to. When you are given an amount to simply blow on magazines, lottery tickets, coffee, wine or cigarettes you find you are a little more careful with it.

I keep mine in this ridiculously small old style purse. It reminds me of one my Nanna F had, before the days when you have to carry around 125 different plastic cards. The purse is so tiny I can’t even fit a credit card in it ( he he he I am outwitting myself! ) But it’s MINE! All MINE!!!! ( I say as I rub my hands together evilly) My other ‘sensible’ mother type purse has all the cards, library cards and all the household money for when I am shopping, putting fuel in the car etc.

So tonight I’m taking out my ridiculously small purse and I’m blowin the lot! ( she says now, but will probably be rather conservative when it comes to the crunch) I’m taking my sanity out to a movie with a girlfriend and will probably then paint the town red ( meaning will most likely have a hot chocolate after the movie) so…. Look out…… I’m gonna kick up my heels!


Michelle said...

I use a ridiculously small purse for my sanity money too!!
I call it my allowance and give myself $30per week which sounds rather alot now! If I could just break my opshop addiction I would spend a whole lot less. But having said that I buy most of my clothes(op shop) with that money and have added to my collection of green depression glass which makes me very happy.
If my financial situation changed I would cut the amount but at the moment I can afford it.

Anonymous said...

What movie you you take yourself to? I so enjoy your blog and I have began rethinking how I manage the money.

Unknown said...

Great idea BW. Both Kim and I get $50 each a fortnight for sanity money. Most of the time we end up with spare cash at the end of the pay, and just pay it off of our debt. Rarely do I spend it all. I just don't need much anymore.

Hope you enjoyed your movie!


Anonymous said...

Good for you! A movie was often my favourite special treat too!

Anita B
(p.s. Thanks for the plug! May fortune favour you and your 'nanna's purse' from now on!)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is the best thing in the world to treat ourselves. It is refreshing and good for the soul. I want to learn about the movie you went too.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Heck! I don't even have sanity money, so no need for a purse!
Hope you enjoyed the movie...and the hot chocolate!

Anonymous said...

I came over from Zen Habits, you mentioned a book written by Anita Bell, well I have not read it but will have a gander at some stage. One good book to look out for is "Your Money or Your Life".

My personal sanity money is $50 a week but I tend to buy all sorts of things with this, bike parts, snacks for the kids, gardening items and tools etc.

Anyway back to work, it's an overcast day in Melbourne with rain predicted, the vegie garden certainly needs some water so lets hope it does rain.

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