Seeing the Sense/ Cents

This is my electricity meter.

Today at Towards sustainability ( see link at right) has installed a wonderful device to track electricity usage. I was very impressed when I saw it.

I had to laugh because before we went away I wrote down the numbers on the counters to see what our house used while we weren't in it. It was a miserable wet day and we conducted an experiment.

The left meter turns fast enough to see it moving really easily.

My 8 year old son and I took turns at turning on the TV, clothes dryer and computer and watching how fast the meter turned. It was unbelievable. The dryer was the biggest culprit. When we turned it on the dial spun like a record player!

 No 1 son went and got his Dad to explain electricity usage to him. Now no 1 son is in charge of turning off lights and appliances when not in use. It was such a great exercise. Test it out for yourself. It is frightening, but sticks in your psyche believe me !!

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