A Little Light Reading

Do you know that if you want something you should always start by ' putting the word out'. Someone will always know someone who has what you need.

Rather than spend money, ask what already exists in your circle.

Using this principle I was able to gather all this reading material. I also got some from the local library. Your local library is such a brilliant resource. Check it out.

I am excited by the prospect of reading these books. I love being inspired.


Creative Life Studio said...

Hello! I just found your blog through the Down to Earth blog and thought I would pop in and say hello.

I am checking out some of the links on your site as well as hers. It is so encouraging to me to see all the new folks out there turning toward lives of greater simplicity. I'm sure I'll be back to visit again.

Please stop by my place too, sometime. Not all of my posts are specifically about simple living, but that theme is woven throughout most everything I talk about at Golightly Place. :)

Susan said...

This is a wonderful idea and one I am trying to teach my husband! He thinks we need to buy everything! He wanted to buy a circular saw and i said why when I know a few friends who i am sure they will loan theirs to us for any projects! sure enough he asked his mate and his mate isnt only going to loan it but he will come help us with our project! never hurts to ask hey!

amex casino said...

Bravo, very good idea

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