Spinning Plates

Have you ever seen those old fashioned plate spinners? I remember seeing them as a child on the TV show "Young Talent Time" ( all aussie readers will be nodding with me).

The plate spinners lined up about 10 plates on sticks and would spin them and balance them.

The idea was to keep them spinning. Often as the spinner was attempting to keep one plate from wobbling and falling off, a plate at the other end would begin to wobble.

 That is exactly how life is sometimes.

We have been working really hard at renovating the inside of our house.

 As a result the outside has been let go.

Here is an update on our new bathroom.

We have been doing it ourselves. although we have recently got a tiler in to do the tiling. We had an old bathroom with a laundry out the back. The laundry was huge and we felt that the bathroom was big enough to combine the laundry with it.

We recently bought a front loading machine as a water saving option and suddenly realised it takes up so much less space. We have now successfully integrated it into the bathroom. Here is a 'during' shot.

This is a shot after the tiler had finished - we still have to do the window and change taps, put in towel holders etc. I also want to add some plants, but it is coming along. Number 1 son is enjoying a bath to celebrate the fact that we have running water in there again!

So.... spinning plates. I guess the answer is to continually do upkeep in all areas rather than focus too heavily on one area.

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