The Old Ways

Before we went away we visited Timbertown for the Steam Festival.

Timbertown is a tourist attraction near Wauchope NSW which is set up like a pioneer village.

As a lover of the old fashioned way of living I really enjoyed the day.

It always amazes me when I go into the old homes how families that had 5, 6 or more children lived in a tiny four room home. They had all their needs met.

Now, I am not saying that I won't to go back to living in one room without a stove, but I do want to hang on to many of the lost skills and principles of the time. I want to maintain resourcefulness and a strong work ethic, a sense of self sufficiency and of community.

If you listen to the messages being delivered through our media today it's all about ' the self', that is, look after number one, take it easy- you deserve it etc etc.

We have listened to these messages so much that now people can't even saw a piece of wood or mow their own lawn.

Many people don't even realise that they are on a treadmill.

They work hard, then spend money because they deserve to buy luxuries because they work hard and then they have to work harder because the marketeers always change what it is that we need to 'reward' ourselves with because we work hard.

At the end of our lives we have accumulated so much 'stuff' and still have no money and no happiness !!!!

As you know, we don't watch commercial television and haven't for many years. I would estimate that it is coming up to 9 years since I have seen a commercial programme.

This is about the time when no. 1 son was born. I found that not being exposed to ads stops the subconscious desire for 'stuff'. If you are not being constantly bombarded with how inadequate your life is because you don't have the right appliance or drive the right car you don't really focus on it. Funny that !

This picture is a little dark.

You may need to click on it to enlarge it. The thing I love about it, is that it is taken in a tiny room in a tiny house, but still, they have gone to the effort to make the best of what they have.

Ask yourself how we have over complicated our lives.

How have YOU been seduced by the promise of happiness through the accumulation of ' stuff'.

What do you really NEED in your life, as opposed to what society tells you you should need ?

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gentlebreeze said...

I think that is so true!!
I too love studying the pioneer way of life. I've been thinking about how to incorporate that kind of way of life into our modern lives....???

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