Do the Splendid Principles Still Apply ?

When I first start blogging in 2007 - no-one knew what a blog was. I can remember showing someone once who said 'oh that's ridiculous, the page just goes on and on until you hit the bottom'. Now I think about Facebook and Twitter and laugh about how the unusual becomes so commonplace.

Just as there are no telephone boxes anymore, I think there are quite a few things that have changed in the world and in our family life since I first started blogging. In 2007 our sons were 6 and 8 - they are now turning 12 and 15 and are really young men. IN 2007 we didn't have 'smart phones' and didn't have near as much technology in our lives as we do now.

That got me wondering. Do my splendid principles still apply ? I showed 6 years ago that I could apply my grandmother's principles in a modern world, but does that still apply today as I type on an Ipad instead of a typewriter ? Can you still live simply - Iphone in hand ?

Today I pulled out all my old notes and folders that held all my worksheets and scribblings from when we first drafted our budget, when I used to calculate in childcare costs and when fuel was less than $1.00 a litre ( and we were concerned about our fuel usage!)

One of the documents that I found had this handwritten on it:


1. A working budget

2. A 'stores' cupboard or functional larder ( old terms for a well stocked pantry)

3. A solid routine

4. Cook from scratch skills

5. A working diary/ calendar system.


A garden
Green cleaning cupboard
Less plastics
Reduce, recycle, re-use and re-wear
Home Based income
Stop buying crap

Splendid Habits 

Getting ahead
Chasing joy
Rising early
Menu planning
Extreme shopping
Homemade presents/ cards
Going additive free
TV free/ commercial free
Exercise/ Yoga.

I was so happy to have found it because it connected me with core values. Now I am considering the role that technology plays in a simple life - does it have a place ? I think it does if we stick to our principles and not let it overtake us.

What do you think ? Can you have a simple joyful life that embraces a modern technological world ?

If you want to join me, I am working through my list to establish these principles in our new home.


Libby said...

So glad you're back blogging again. I've missed your wisdom and inspiration. I spend a lot of time online but find I get a lot of inspiration, which makes me get up and go things and strive to do better with my life :-).

A Vision Splendid said...

Thank you so much, Libby. That is so encouraging considering that it is your blog that is my 'go to' blog when I need motivation and encouragement!

Cheryl said...

I think the 'Splendid Principles' are timeless and universal, and of course there is room for tweaking with the edition of modern technology, because they are also flexible.

Count me in on this journey, I wouldn't be here without my computer!

A Vision Splendid said...

Great point ! How funny that I am asking about technology and the role that it plays when we are all 'virtual friends' anyway.

I guess we need to also be looking at positive constraints on the use of technology in order to keep things simple.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely think that the Splendid Principles still apply - the more that technology is taking over, the more we need to make sure we need to know how to do the other things as well!!

Raising 2 teenage boys, watching their influences around them - I am more conscious than ever that there are less and less opportunities for them to learn these skills, how to budget, how to cook from scratch, how to make what is in the pantry last all week. How to set up a routine, and how to make their hard earned possessions last. If we don't teach them these things, where are they going to learn it from?

Add me to the list of people happy to see you back, I think I found your and blog-rolled you about a month before you stopped writing! So happy to see a post pop back up in my reader!

Krystal said...

My work requires technology and all its social media. I've found that I don't use it for pleasure as I am so tired of it after work. Nature and real people are a breath of fresh air.

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