Back to my Vision Splendid

Well it certainly has been some time that I have spent away from the blogosphere. I actually contemplated giving up blogging completely, but something has drawn me back and had me thinking.

Why blog ? 

When I first started blogging, I didn't know anyone who was doing it. I can't really remember how I stumbled into the art of blogging, but I am sure it was from accidentally finding some online blogs and being completely inspired by them. 

Blogging was the perfect tool for me. It helped me to organise my thoughts, hold myself accountable, give me inspiration to look back on and connect with some fantastic people. 

Blogging brought me great joy as it made me slow down and have gratitude for the small things in life. 

Why the break ? 

Moving house a little over 12 months ago meant a huge change to our lifestyle. Setting up our 'Vision Splendid' on our acreage has taken time and has meant that lots of our routines have changed. This has been both positive and challenging at the same time.

Throughout this time, blogging took a back seat as I have been focusing heavily on building our future. I took on some part time work, (based here at home) which grew and grew. It seems that the biggest hurdle I encounter is that things get TOO big, when really what I am looking for is balance across all areas of life.

Even blogging got TOO big. A Vision Splendid was always designed to be something that I did for myself and a few of my avid readers. Before I knew it there were product sponsorship requests, radio interviews, Sunday newspaper interviews and LOADS of request for help. I guess it was a case of 'be careful what you pray for, you just might get it'. 

Why return ?

I am encouraged by the ongoing emails that I still receive. I am often surprised that readers are still there. When I recently restricted access to the blog I received a lot of emails asking for viewing rights so people could check back on things that I had written about earlier - as a reference tool. I am surprised that with the HUGE volume of information that is on the Internet now readers still come back to this little site for inspiration.

The Verdict ? 

I will be returning to blogging. Although there are now millions of blogs on all sorts of topics, I will blog for the reasons that I had when I first got started. Whether it brings value to others or not, I will blog for my own reasons. Although our children are now older and we are in a different stage of our lives, we are still working towards our Vision Splendid. We are crafting a life that is family centred and holds old fashioned values at its core.

Even though I work from home, I recently let quite a bit of my work go. This will be give me a chance to bring things back into balance again. My first step is to re-read through the old blog posts ad get back in touch with my original vision.

Want to join me as I assess the steps I need to take to bring back a slower more simple life that has family at the core ? 

If you are still reading this site, drop a comment in the box below and say hello! 


The Old Dairy said...

Looking forward to hearing from you again as you return to blogging. Sometimes a break is good we can step back and have a look at the big picture.

mashelly said...

hello,,so glad to see you coming back

Kez said...

Glad to see you back!

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle,

Fantastic to see you back in the blogosphere!

Added you back into the blog roll, so more will hopefully visit your site and enjoy your musings.

Gav x

Cheryl said...

Hello there!

I am so pleased you are blogging again. You were the person who inspired me to start blogging 3 years ago. Funnily enough I just wrote my last post so I can have an indefinite break from blogging, just as you are coming back to it! I credited you in my last post for getting me started, I will have to go back and put a link to your site now that you have unblocked it.

I was one of those pestering e-mailers. I'm glad I did pester now, because I love reading your blog.

I think the reason why you have such a strong following, when really, as you say, there are heaps of blogs on similar subjects, is your endearing writing style, and sensible, practical approach to simple living, it really connects with me, and I'm sure others too.

I can't wait to read about what you have been up to.

Unknown said...

Hey Michelle,
Great to see you back. Looking forward to reading about your journey

Laura H said...

Just came across your blog. Hope you post more for us to read.

Anita said...

Hi Michelle. I was so thrilled to stumble across your blog again and realise you'd returned. I bought your ebook several years ago and it was a great help to me in beginning to live more simply. I'll admit that I strayed away from simple life for a while there - modern, crazy life caught me in it's clutches for a while. I'm happy to say that I've "woken up" and am working towards returning to a simple way of living yet again. It makes me so much happier and more content. Anyway, I hope you continue to blog - I've always enjoyed your writing. Warm wishes, Anita.


A Vision Splendid said...

Hi Anita,
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I would have to totally agree with you. We too got incredibly busy working for ourselves, splitting time between city and country etc. We realised that we were at our happiest when we were actually moving slower! So, after some big changes we are back to chasing joy.

I'm in the middle of re-vamping the Vision Splendid book at the moment, so I will send you an updated version when I have finished.

I love that you are still blogging and I look forward to sharing much more along our journeys. If you are Instagram or Facebook, please connect with me, as I tend to do more quick uploads and commenting/ connecting there these days, out of pure convenience.

kind regards,


Anita said...

Thanks for replying Michelle. I've been keen to return to blogging consistently for a while now. I've started with a series on daily habits for the domestically challenged, but I'm sure my writing will soon cover more exciting topics than cleaning! :) It's so easy to get distracted and fall back into the rush, rush, rush of life. I'm grateful to have refocused and put the brakes on! Slowing down and savouring the simple things definitely suits me much better.

I'd love an updated copy of your book - thanks so much. I printed the original out after I purchased it, and have it in one of those plastic pocket display books. I've been enjoying re-reading it lately, which prompted me to search for your blog. So glad to return and find you're writing again.

Thanks again and I'll be following your progress in returning to slower, simpler living. Warm wishes, Anita. x

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