Such an Eighties Girl !

 Going through some old photos tonight I remembered these from the 80s display that was at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney last year. It was so fabulous to walk through the display and be reminded of things that looked so familiar, yet I had totally forgotten about.

Are you an eighties person ? Are you smiling knowingly when you look at these images ? The photos were snapped on a phone so the quality is poor, but you will still be reminded of a piece of the past.

I love this teen bedroom ! One of my friends ( Hi Trudi if you are reading) had this exact Ken Done bedspread, I am sure of it!! And what about those movie posters? Who remembers Flashdance and The Breakfast Club? What about Dirty Dancing ( a personal favourite... I now own the (hmm hmmm) 25th Anniversary DVD. Can you believe it was so long ago ?

Oooh the beginnings of the lycra movement - love a good leg warmer !

Oh, and the music!!! Some of the best rock songs ever written came out of the eighties. Khe Sahn anyone ?

Strawberry Shortcake !

This is a really blurry photo taken through glass, but I just had to add it. Do you remember when the top hits were printed each week and appeared on Countdown and you could get a free copy at the record shop ?

Some of these record covers are instantly recognisable. Can you spot Footloose ? What about John Cougar .... or was he Mellencamp then! lol

Oh dear... I am such an eighties girl! What are your memories of the eighties ?


Cheryl said...

BIG HAIR! OMG I wish I could attach a photo of me in the 80's at The Blessing Of The Fleet Ball, my hair was so high and boofy it was hilarious! I'm sure there are heaps of other memories, but that one came straight to mind. Oh and Cyndi Lauper, I was devistated that I wasn't allowed to go to her concert in Sydney in the 80's. LOL. I still like her True Colours Album :)

A Vision Splendid said...

Oh. Yes , Cyndi Lauper. She was so radical because she had colored weird hair. When you look at her today she seems quite tame ! Funny how views change.

Libby said...

Thanks for the fun trip down memory lane. I am definitely an eighties girl. The fashions might have been bad but we certainly had good (orginal) music. I've still got my Bruce Springsteen concert book and ticket :-). It was my first concert and I'm still a HUGE fan :-). I had posters of Bruce and Madonna around my red, black and silver bedroom :-).

simplelife said...

Oh my. I'm right there with you!
Thanks for this stroll down memory lane.
cheers Kate

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