Vintage Hankies

Looking at these handkerchiefs all freshly washed and crisply ironed I am reminded of their place throughout history.

There was a time when one would never leave the house without a freshly pressed hankie in one's pocket. A hankie was more than just a tissue, it was seen as an item of fashion and, particularly after the war, an extension of the self.

It is interesting to see the progression of beautiful vintage designs. Did you know that when dresses were somewhat plain and all one colour, a decorative hankie in a bright floral was thought to bring style and elegance ?

What about that hankie that was strategically dropped, only to be retried by an attractive suitor ?

What about the hankie that was handed to a teary lady which was lovingly hand embroidered with initials ?

I have accepted the mission of single handedly bringing the vintage hankie back into the world. LOL

You may remember that I am also on a mission to single handedly bring back the tea towel


and the air pot.


Phew, this world changing stuff is hard work...... any takers for continuing the crusade of bringing back the hankie, the tea-towel and air pot ?


libby said...

I always loved hankies but DH converted me to tissues (according to him hankies are not hygenic). My Dad to this day always has a hankie on him - which is very handy when you have kids around :-). You've got me thinking I could use for clean up situations :-).
Just read your other posts and I have to say I take a thermos wherever I go (and we had an airpot growing up). I HATE having to buy tea when I'm out - what a rip off!
And as for the tea towels - I'm happy to buy them or give them as a sourvenier as long as they are nice and will good in my kitchen :-).


Jenny said...

I never gave up hankies and my children only use hankies too although my daughter loves to use tissues when she goes to my Mum's house.

Anita said...

We're big on hankies in this household. The best part is that, unlike tissues, they don't leave a lint explosion all over the clothes if you accidentally leave one in a pocket of your pants and throw them into the washing machine! Anita. xx
Libby, tell your hubby that a simple wash of his hands after blowing his nose is perfectly hygienic enough. So long as he doesn't use his used hanky to wipe down the kitchen benches, then there's no harm in hankies!

FloridaFlamingo said...

I love tea towels and have quite a stash. They get used frequently since I try to run the dishwasher only once a week.

Hankies, love them and they always elicit a comment from an onlooker. I also saw a craft project recently that I am going to do with some of the not so good ones. It was like a bunting banner. Very clever and very cute.

Although I don't have an airpot I do love a thermos. My current carries coffee to the office every morning and has little press button so you don't have to uncork it. My sister found it never used in a neighbors garage. Lucky me.

Christy said...

Well I'm in agreement! I love hankies and I do carry one every day. My favorites are oldies given to me by my hubby's lovely Grandmother. And I use tea towels too! My favorites are the "days of the week" ones. I have three sets that I rotate. Loved your post!! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

I have some lovely novelty hankies left with me from when my girls were small. I have Holly Hobby, Strawberry Shortcake and Snoopy ones. I still use them even though they are getting very thin now but I think they are adorable and they remind me of my kids. :)
I am a bit of a tea towel fanatic and can't visit anywhere without picking one up. They are useful for so many things.

Anonymous said...

I saw an air pot at an estate sale two weeks ago, and I thought of you. ;)

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