The Jam Stick

Can you see the 'jam stick' in this picture ? It has such a history.

My grandmother gave it to me a couple of years ago. The story is that when she was making jam on the farm one day a visitor noticed that the spoon she used was too short and she often burnt her hand.

The kind visitor went down the paddock got a piece of wood and crafted a new, longer handled jam stirrer and gave it to her. She used it for many many years.

Here I am, some sixty years later, using it again - bringing it back to life. I use it as a spatula in my mix master. I love the long handle.

I am not sure what type of wood it is, it is so weathered now - but still quite strong.

Not long ago, hubbie and I were fooling around in the kitchen comparing our favourite cooking items. His consists of an old frypan with no handle that he uses to make a perfect omelette ( so perfect in fact that he brings the pan, held in a tea towel, into my office to show me just how clever he is!), and an old scraper that he says he is going to pot rivet back together because 'they just don't make them like this anymore'.

Mine consists of the mix master ( an anniversary present about three years ago), an old spoon and the jam stick. You can read about the spoon here

All of our favourite cooking utensils were really old! I guess Hubbie is right ... they just don't make them like they used to!

You know what is really sad though....... when we were studying the jam stick the other day, Hubbie smelt it and said......
........ 'it smells like Nanna's kitchen '
. ...... and I smelt it ...............
.....and it does .............


Michelle said...

That is so true how smells can evoke wonderful memories.
I rememeber many years ago I was working in a shop when I smelt the very familiar smell of Velvet soap and I was immediately transported back to 9 or 10 years of age and sitting with my Nan while she taught me how to crochet. She always smelt like Velvet soap and talcum powder. It was a lovely, although bittersweet memory, as she had passed away long ago. Thanks for reminding me today, you brought a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know if you're actively checking this blog anymore, but I just had to say that I love, love love your jam stick. And the story behind it is just perfect!
I have the same mix master as you, and a very similar sifter...but alas no jam stick. I do however have my great grandmothers bottling utensils from her Fowlers Vacola...worn down wooden handles that hold so much history. I love using them, it really feels like I can connect to my past.
I loved your blog in the past and am revisiting it and thoroughly enjoying it
Cassandra xx

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