Post Vacation Blues

We arrived back from our annual holiday and for the first few days I had what I coined 'post vacation blues'. Normally I am really happy to go away, but very happy to return home again.
We use our annual holiday as a time for renewal. We make our plan for the upcoming year, talk about our focus and and areas of improvement we will launch into for the upcoming year.

We also totally relax.

I enjoyed watching 'Chocolat' ( must be about the fifth time I have seen it and still love it!)

I enjoyed having lazy breakfasts like this.

and of course there was lots and lots of this.......

I think I got a little too used to having someone come in and change the towels. I even joked about employing some person who I never actually meet who will come in like the tooth fairy and do things while I am not looking. lol

But.... thank goodness that feeling has passed and I am now ready to face the year.
We had family come and stay last week, so it was nice to be home and to enjoy spending time with people you love.

Now it's time to put my 2010 plans into action.


simplelife said...

Glad you are back. Looking forward to seeing what your plans for 2010 are and how you achieve them.

cheers Kate

Renee said...

your vacation sounds wonderful and how satisfing it must be to have all your plans and goals set out at the beginning of each yeat. :)

Kez said...

Looks like a lovely vacation!

Suze said...

You were missed and your trip sounds delightful. I look forward to sharing your year.

libby said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday. Like you, I know it's been a REALLY good one when I don't want to go home :-). Love the photos!!!


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