Time For Reflection

Christmas is over for another year. It always seems to be such a big build up and then it is all over.... just like that!

Now, it is time for reflection. The days between Christmas and New Year are a time to examine the past year and look at the year to come.

What did you like about 2009 ? What worked well ? What were the challenges of 2009 and what lessons did you learn from them ?

What are you planning for 2010 ? What are you going to be working towards - in your home, your family, your career, your personal development, your relationships ?

We are not talking about new year's resolutions, we are talking about mapping your way for 2010. The best thing about following a map is that even if you end up on the wrong route, you often discover something fantastic!

As I move into a blogging break, I am wishing you and your family Peace, love and joy in your time of reflection. So.... relax and enjoy and remember...... Your Life Is Your Design - you can make it anything you want it to be!


Anita said...

Thanks Michelle and enjoy your blog break. It is a lovely time of year, once all the hype is over and the rellies have gone home, to rest and reflect on the year that has passed. While I'm reluctant to make New Year's Resolutions, I do find myself thinking about the year to come, the things I hope to achieve and the steps I need to take to achieve them. I wanted to thank you for your wise words and inspiration this year. They have truly made a difference to how I see the world and live my life. Happy New Year. Love Anita. xxx

shandora said...

I've learnt so many things this year; on how to cook from scrap, spend more time with the kids, how to spend less money and how to compare prices in shops...and I well certainly do more of this next year. i plan on budgetting better, making envelopes and buying presents ahead of time....learning how to knit and how to grow my own vegetables.... and I'd like to thank you, and other bloggers for being such an inspiration.


Debra said...

I can make it anything i want it to be...i was thrilled to pop into your blog to read this tonight..it re-iterates to me what i have been working towards...happy wonderful year to you ..

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