Busy Bee

Ask anyone how they are at this time of year and the answer will, without a doubt include some reference to how ‘busy’ they are.

Why are we so busy ? Is it because our to-do lists have a deadline? We HAVE to have things organized by December 25th?

I find that my days are busy because I have so many things that I would like to achieve, but many of them are attached to specific time frames so I actually feel a lot busier.
I wouldn’t normally group my whole to do list together, but every time November falls from the calendar I find myself looking at everything that needs to be achieved between then and Christmas.

Sometimes I have things playing on my mind that I can’t physically do anything about until they arrive, like attend end of school functions and Christmas parties – but they are on the ‘thinking of them at 3am’ mental list I tend to keep.

Add to the mental and physical list making the constant input from television, newspapers, radio reminding us of how to have our ‘best Christmas ever’ and how to ‘show someone you REALLY love them’ and ‘buy now’ ‘pay nothing’ ‘buy, buy, BUY, BUY’. AHHHHHH

No wonder they call it the silly season.

Please remind me, when I start down the path that society says I should be on, that I can chose to think differently. I can choose to participate in the frenzy or to step aside.

I choose to cultivate the spirit of Christmas. To think deeply about how I will bring PEACE to my house. How being prepared, planning ahead and thinking about things slowly will let me feel peace and let my family experience my peace.

I will think about how I will bring JOY to my home. Joy comes from a lack of stress. Joy comes from having the time to sit and play card games with your children, a family game of tennis in the front yard or watching a dance concert performed in your lounge room.

I choose to cultivate LOVE. What my family members want from me is not the latest and greatest catalogue item, they want my time and my efforts and my appreciation for what they do and who they are.

So….. the challenge now is working through the “must do” list so that I don’t sabotage my own Christmas Spirit.



Kez said...

I think that's the whole thing - we feel busier because everything has a deadline, and everything is crowded into such a short period of time. Plus the whole 'must have a great Xmas' feelings..

shandora said...

as I grow older, I feel that those deadline-things don't mean a thing...they don't make me happier, but more stressed, so a no-deadline is just fine!

happy holidays for you and your warm family!!!

Margy said...

Just wanted to thank you for this message. You are so right when you say that it is our responsibility to cultivate the Spirit of Christmas - to bring joy, peace and love into our home. Reading this on Christmas Eve I have left my run too late this year but I will definitely be more proactive next year. Thank you.

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