Yesterday Was That Day

There comes a day every year when you pull out the first pair of shorts after the winter. Yesterday was that day.

When that feeling comes, there is no denying the need to ditch the long track pants and pull on something shorter. Often it means bearing an ankle, perhaps a mid calf as you move into a ¾ length pant. But, yesterday was hot and to my surprise the temperature demanded that I move straight to the short shorts.

As I applied sunscreen and headed out into the garden I wondered whether I would do damage to any low flying aircraft as the glare coming off my beautiful lily white legs was enough to blind anyone within a 200 metre radius. But alas, I pushed on with my gardening feeling half naked as you do when you pull on your first shorts for the season.

The good news was that last year’s shorts can be pulled on without undoing the buttons which means there must have been some body shrinking compared to summer last year, hence the proud baring of flesh in the back yard.

1 comment:

Joanne said...

Ah, so that explains that strange glow in the sky!!
Are we really in the same country? Its been very cold and windy here. Shorts are a long way off on the horizon (actually I'll be sticking to the 3/4 pants!)

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