Garden Update: Wanted - Bean Expert.

Our garden was feeling a little unloved until I got out there a few days ago and pulled out some old plants and got the soil ready for the next growing season. The whole garden was flooded a couple of times over the winter period and we had so much 'time off' with sickness that the soil was quite compacted. We have freshened it up and added some organic fertiliser.

Can someone please tell me what is happening with these broad beans ? This is the first time we have grown them. We have lots of bushes, all about a metre tall with loads of flowers. They seem to be evolving every day, but we are not sure whether we have missed the fruiting stage. Our seasons have been so mixed up lately - we had summer temperatures earlier in the week.
So if you are an experienced broad bean grower - please drop me a line.

My onions are fattening up well. Once again, a first time crop. I was always put off growing onions because of how long they take to grow. These seem to be going okay and I hope they are amounting to something underneath the soil as well.

And of course I can't forget our beautiful girls! We were originally advised to get four because there would be times when each of them would go off the lay. Well....... we have had four eggs a day since they started laying. It doesn't sound like a lot, but believe me it doesn't take long before they are falling out of the fridge and even though you supply the neighbours, your family and their friends, there are still eggs galore. These productive little girls are so spoilt but we are grateful for their contribution.


James said...

Well I am growing broad beans for the second time this year so I must be an expert!
Firstly yours look more healthy than mine so I think you are in good shape. My experience with them is that they do a lot of early flowering before they start setting pods so don't be alarmed if the early flowers don't produce anything. I am sure they will come good for you soon.

han_ysic said...

i'd second James, I planted some early, they are similar size to yours, but haven't had half as much rain so not as pretty, they are just setting their first pods, I have a second lot in that do look better and they probably won't set for a few weeks yet. They should keep fruiting for a while, especially if you give them a prune, I'm always too scared to do this though

JOC said...

I'm in southern tassie and we have had sooooo much rain my veggies have all been sulking. But today I noticed I have my first broad bean flower coming so at last they're on the move. The pods will follow the flowers, this is also my second time growing them. So hang in there. You can always pick the young small pods and cook and eat the whole pod too.
Good luck,


Barbara said...

My broad beans are flowering
but haven't set pods (this is on
the Adelaide plains). I grow
them every year and don't get
beans until mid October -
sometimes I have to rip them
out before they're completely
finished to get room for summer

Julie said...

Mine are at the same stage as yours. I'm growing them to mulch into the soil so may not let them grow beans. They took a beating in the wind the other night too.

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