Lawns Into Lunch .... always busy !

On the weekend we extended our 'farm' area. We had a vision for many more garden beds so we moved the fence closer to the house, giving us an extra 2 metres in length and lots of room for extra beds. Today we dug out an area for a tomato and chili patch. Of course the chooks had to get in and help.

I am really loving the 'farm' area. I spend quite a lot of time up there now, planting seeds, filling in the garden diary, sketching plans and reading gardening info. As part of the 'farm' extension we took out the clothes line. It was far too close to the chook house and took up quite a bit of space. I now have a temporary makeshift clothesline along the veranda in this area until we 're-purpose' the old clothesline into a new model that better suits our needs.

Someone commented on the simple savings website that they enjoy my blog, but I don't write enough. I have been thinking about this...... I guess the reason is that sometimes I am too busy doing things to sit and write about them! lol

People can go to work and be busy all day and get paid for their efforts and then spend that money outsourcing their life needs. They get someone else to grow their food, bake their bread, make their clothes etc. Some even outsource even more of their ‘needs’ – they have other people mow their lawn, wash their car, take care of their children, and even cut and buff their toenails! Lol

When you don’t have a job, you have to do many of these things yourself. This means that your job is ‘life itself’. I find that living this DIY lifestyle is somewhat busier than a ‘normal’ life.
You see, If I want bread, I have to make it. If I want baked potatoes for tea I have to grow them. These tasks are not easy by any means! I can’t just get up at 7am and realise that there is no bread and ‘whip one up’. It takes about 2 ½ hours using a bread making machine and if i make it by hand I still have to allow time for rising etc. So there is a lot of forethought in a loaf of bread.

Potatoes! ::geesh:: they are even worse. If I want baked potatoes for my tea then I have to think about 14 WEEKS IN ADVANCE ::lol:: so that I can actually grow them.
This translates into a lot of busyness on any given day. Life is always about getting ahead and thinking ahead.

Thinking about needs for the future – what will I eat tomorrow, next week, next month? What can I do today to make sure that happens? That might be as simple as getting some meat out of the freezer or planting some broccoli seeds. It might be baking a cake for afternoon teas for a few days or making jam. Each action we do today is a sowing that we will reap some time in the future ....... therefore,....... :: AS YOU SOW, SO YOU REAP::

So if it is such a busy life, a life that takes planning and preparation – why would you bother ? Why would I bother growing potatoes when I can go to the supermarket and buy them for $2 a kilo ? Why would I make soap when it is on special around the corner ? Why not just go and earn money and just buy these things ?

The answer is THE JOY FACTOR. An undefinable, unquantifiable invisible element that some people see everywhere, whilst other people miss completely. There is a deep sense of satisfaction in roasting your own potatoes, or snipping off your own shallots. Sure sure, there are other factors at play. People have a number of reasons for doing things like growing their own food. It may be as a way of saving money, a way of obtaining fresh, organic produce or a way of securing a food supply in times of uncertainty. These factors DO play a role in my decision to grow my own, but the number one benefit to me is JOY, HAPPINESS, FULFILLMENT, ACCOMPLISHMENT, SATISFACTION or whatever other title you want to put on it!


simplelife said...

I can't think of any better reason for your choices.

cheers Kate

Child of the New Forest said...

Yes, there's nothing simple about living the simple life! I recently went through this same thought process when knitting a sock for my bub. It took ages and I must have thought to myself 100 times that I could go to Kmart and get a 5 pack of the things for $10. Then of course I had to remind myself that that's not the point, and just because things are there in the shop and cheap, doesn't mean I should be buying them.
Hand made/home grown, I have come to realise is infinitely precious.
Oh, and your fruit toast looks soooo good.
take care,

Christine said...

Love the post and the ending. You couldn't have said it better. Hence, the reason I am trying to transition into the simple life phase. :) Well, I don't really know if its simple... but it is much more rewarding. I know that much for sure!

Michelle said...

Great post.
I still get a thrill when eating something I have grown myself or wearing something I have made myself. Sure, it would have been easier to buy it and often would have cost less but the satisfaction I get doing it myself is priceless.
I do sometimes wonder how the simple life, going back to basics, and using a computer, blogging, emailing ect are compatible. They seem like such a contradiction, definitely not something our grandparents would have done. But having said that I hope you keep bloggin because I do so enjoy reading you posts.

Bec said...

Thanks for a fantastic and timely post - the 'simple' life is a journey that we are just beginning and starting to realise that it takes much more time, effort and energy but the pay off is definitely that "I did it!" feeling!

Joanne said...

Yes, it is a busy life. My sister doesn't get why you should spend half an hour baking biscuits to save a few cents when she can earn $XX at her job, buy the biscuits and have money left over.
Joy, satisfaction, a sense of connection to the earth and where your food is coming from and another thing- when you work for a wage, you usually can't do it right alongside your children. With the 'simple' life you can be with your family the whole way.

Anonymous said...

it was me :) I know your busy but I still love reading about your home adventures just the same:)

Theresa said...

Nice blog. Look forward to reading more. I have 2: All of Us and Greenmama.

Blessings, Theresa

theresa said...

Nice blog, great ideas, I will read more, feel free to stop by mine - I have 2. Best, Theresa in Hawaii

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