You are Already Happy !

Advertisers would like us to believe that happiness is 'out there' somewhere and that if you buy products, happiness will come with them.

Sure, there is a certain degree of happiness when you buy something new. As you know, I have a stationery obsession, so nothing excites me more than a new notepad with matching pen! The sad thing, however, is that like any drug, the happiness wears off and needs to be topped up by another purchase. I call this 'synthetic happiness'.

I call true happiness JOY. I often say I find joy, I chase joy. It is a difficult concept to define. It is a little buzz that I get. Joy is in the weirdest places. Sometimes I feel it when I cup a little tomato growing on a bush. Sometimes I feel it when my corn seeds poke their heads up out of the dirt. Other times I feel it when I watch my sons play outside. Sometimes I feel it when I produce a hand crocheted dishcloth that is, let's say, a little wonky!
This sort of happiness comes from inside. It is far richer and far deeper than synthetic happiness.
The trick to finding this sort of joy is firstly to go looking for it. Ponder the question - what gives me joy ? It could be something so trivial, it doesn't matter. When you find something, take note of the little buzz feeling that happens when you experience that joy. Now seek out other things that bring you joy. I call this chasing my joy. Once you know the buzz feeling you will chase more and more of it.
Before you know it, you will be finding joy in the most unusual places! You will soon learn that synthetic joy just won't cut it anymore!
You will find that this kind of happiness is inside you. It has always been there. It is just that we pile so many 'things' on top of it that we can't hear it's little buzz. We pile on television blaring in the background, kids fighting, deadlines to meet, eating on the run, bills to pay, places to be,blood pressure problems, running here, running there, running late!
As we simplify our lives we peel off all those things that are piling up on us. We plan our meals to bring peace to meal times, we plan ahead so we don't race around and run late, we turn the TV off and talk to each other. We budget well to take the financial pressure off. We take the time out to walk with our partner for our health and the health of our relationship.
Little by little we peel off the layers, and there, underneath in a very quiet voice is JOY - buzzing away.
What brings you joy ? Please do share !
PS - the photo above is number one son laying in the grass in Bathurst NSW - now that brings me joy !


Farmhouse Blessings said...

I am all about finding joy in the simple things. Today it as things like when my son tries to use really big words but they don't fit in the context of the sentence and come out really humorous. JOY! A chicken peeking around the window at me! JOY! The warmth of a wood fire. JOY!

One of my favorite sayings is "find joy in the journey!"

Blessings & joy,

Dina Roberts said...

Some things that bring me joy:

1. Getting library books. It gives me the same thrill as buying something, but you're not spending money, using up natural resources, etc. I also like getting used books.

2. Getting email and comments on my blog. I get excited every time that happens--a little disappointed when it ends up being spam.

3. Having good dreams

4. Every time I see my son reading

5. Getting cuddles from my son

6. Someone playing with my hair or giving me a back scratch ; )

7. Having a good laugh.

I liked this question. Thank you : )

Michelle said...

My day was full of joy yesterday as I played with my 20 month old grandson.
The joy of his innocence and pure delight at the simple things, like ice cream and a tub of water to splash in.
Life just doesn't get any better than getting down to his level and playing silly games just because I can.

Amber said...

Oh wow this is lovely:
1. Joy for me is time with my family, the four of us together.
2. Wtching my chickens peck in the garden ( how lame)
3. Cooking good food for the ones I love
4. Waking everyday to what I have..
Joy is such a good feeling. I wish we could all just remember joy is around us.
5. Comments on my blog...I love it...
I love this post...i just love it.
It is a JOY!!!!

white_lilly said...

That was a lovely post, it is true your joy does get smothered in the busyness of the day. I think stopping and smelling the roses is joy,exchanging smiles , watching the sun set, sharing a cuppa with a close friend :)

Mammoth said...

"What brings you joy ? Please do share !"
O.k., I'll share...today I found JOY when carrying my 2½ daughter through the garden, I noticed that one of the late broccoli plants had a teeny-weensy head forming in the center.

There is much to be said for finding JOY in the simple things in life!


Ladybird World Mother said...

Have you read that Blake poem??
About 'He who bends himself a joy, does the winged life destroy, he who kisses the joy as it flies, lives in eternity's sunrise...'
that is quoted from memory, so forgive me if its a little wrong. But so true.. I reckon that joy is the same as happiness, and that pleasure is totally different. You can seek pleasure, but you cant seek joy. It springs up on you at the strangest of times.
Loved your post. Its good to share these things and get thinking about good things.
Thank you. I will call again!

Jane said...

What an awesome post! When I wrote my post yesterday, I was considering writing more about "how we define joy". You have nailed it down here though. Joy, to me, is not something that can be purchased; it is a feeling. A little buzz :))


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