Not A Vision Splendid

Last night we had to move everything so that the timber floors can go down. FINALLY !

We have done a lot of work to this little house over the past few years. It has grown as our needs have grown. The latest project involved closing in a back cement veranda and reclaiming an over sized laundry for living area. We then updated the bathroom and combined the laundry with the bathroom because the bathroom is a good size and we use a front loading washing machine that doesn't take up much space.

Now it's time to put timber flooring down - all the way through the house except the bedrooms. Hopefully it will cut down on dust and will be easier to keep clean.

I am looking forward to putting things back and minimising all the clutter. I will create my Vision Splendid, that is, I will design it exactly the way I would like it to be !


Shell said...

Isn't renovating exciting?

My husband is a bad asthmatic and when we renovated our first house we pulled up all the carpet and polished the floor all the way through the house. His asthma was so much better as a result. Wooden floors still get very dusty but at least the dust is easily removed with a broom and a damp mop.

All the best!


lightening said...

If you're not toooooo busy, I have tagged you for a meme. :-) It's not a really long one or hard one so I hope you don't mind.

Details are on my blog


Or they will be when I hit publish. :-)

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