$21 challenge Meals

As regular readers will know, we have been gathering meal ideas to be able to carry out the $21 challenge from Simple Savings ( see the link below right).

Here is last nights dinner. - Home made wraps which I have posted the recipe of before. ( see recipes section)

As you can see from the picture - the wraps are not perfectly shaped like the ones you buy in the packet, but believe me they are much tastier and they roll without breaking. They are also very filling. You would be pushing it to eat more than one. You can fill them with whatever you have. Last night we marinated some chicken strips and had some salad with them.

....And the costs ? Well....... difficult to calculate -flour, salt, warm milk, vegetable oil. Hmmmm probably about 75 cents for the four wraps. The extra cost comes in the filling, so about $2.50 for the chicken strips (250g) and the salad is difficult to estimate because you use the same items for many meals.

It is certainly a meal to add to the list for the challenge. It's also a very healthy one.


Shell said...

That's a great idea. I've always been meaning to join Simple Savings but haven't wanted to part with my money. Do you find you get good value out of it?

Great blog.



Lis said...

I love the wraps as do my children. I make a double batch using your recipe and my children have them for lunches instead of sandwiches. I look forward to reading about how your challenge goes.

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