New Floors Down

The floors are down and the furniture is slowly going back to where it should be. The floors need to be polished a little as they are a bit flat and have a powdery coating.

The next step is to complete my 'VISION SPLENDID'. My vision is of a well maintained, organised house with a place for everything and everything in it's place. Clear of clutter and unused items. A place where our children can grow and learn in a simple environment free from the distractions that the world puts in our way (read consumerism!) I believe that when children have too much and are never bored, they don't ever develop their imagination. It is the child who is allowed to become 'bored' from time to time who builds a cubby house, creates a 'shop' or sits down to sketch and design.

So the task of decluttering, simplifying and creating peace continues.


Lis said...

WOW! They look fantastic. It reminds me of when I first had the floorboards in my house polished. I too am looking at 2008 as a year of decluttering and finding a place for everything. i look forward to reading about your progress.

Unknown said...

Your timber floors look wonderful!!

Me too on the decluttering for 2008!!

brad said...

Very nice floors.

On to decluttering :-)

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