Silly Silly Mistake

I have taken a week's holiday but instead of going away I have been at home catching up and relaxing.

We spent a couple of days picnicking at the river and swimming and skiing.

We had been teaching my nephew how to water ski when hubby suggested that I jump in and ski back to our base, which I did.

When I arrived back at the shore and went to dry myself off I suddenly realised that deep in my pocket ( I happened to be wearing hubby's board shorts) was my mobile phone.... and it was dead!

We pulled it apart to dry it, but......... it's dead.

It was a very old phone, did nothing special but it did the job.

So ..... now I am left with a dilemma. The SIM card works fine so I have been hunting around for an old phone. I went to the dealer and asked if I could buy an old phone that someone has traded but the woman said they go to charity. I would have paid for it and then she could give the money to charity !

So... herein lies the problem.

My options are:
- go without a mobile phone - could be problematic with work, emergencies etc ( although how did I manage prior to 1999 ?)
- buy a new one - don't want to change the deal I have because it gives me great broadband and can't justify hundreds of $$ for features that I won't even use.
- find a hand-me-down and insert my SIM card. Originally someone gave me an old phone but it was 'locked' to another provider.

My first instinct was to just buy a new phone and then I thought, NO. I will apply my frugal principles. I will STOP/THINK/DO. I will put the word out there into the universe and see what happens. Let's just hope the law of attraction works !!!

I will keep you posted.


Kez said...

Oh no!

Have you tried Freecycle?

Anonymous said...

as kez said definately try freecycle or put up a sign at your local shops asking if someone has an old phone you could have/buy!

Jenny said...

HI, I have an old phone that was given to my son but now he has a new one. You are most welcome to have it. It's a Nokia, it looks a bit battered but it works. Email me if you want it at littlejennywren(at)dodo(dot)com(dot)au

A Vision Splendid said...

thank you everyone for your messages and emails. It looks as though the universe has provided and I have a phone !

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