Are you ready to start a series of steps to move forward and simplify your family life ? Grab a notebook ( one you already have - don't go buying anything!) and write out each step and your thoughts along the way.


When we first started thinking about simplifying our lives 'unnecessary spending' meant the second can of coke when we had meat pies for lunch. Slowly but surely, unnecessary spending became frequent take away food, pay TV, coffees, magazines, alcohol and then over time it moved to include packaged foods etc etc My point is that "unnecessary spending" depends on your personal definition. It is important that you do your maths - rather than say 'it's only $4 for a coffee - no need to be a miser", you realise that $4 a week day is over $1000 a year. I am sure if someone handed you $1000 for a family holiday you wouldn't reject it.

So, have a look at what you are currently spending money on and ask " is this necessary?"

Next we will look deeply into our financial position and face the scary truth of where we are so we can map out where we are heading.


Cathy said...

Unnecessary spending for me were the monthly glossy craft magazines I used to buy

You know the ones - the Teddy ones, the Crafty ones and the Patchwork/Embroidery ones with all the 'must do' projects.

I now use the library and have noticed the same crafts seem to be repeated and appear every year.


lightening said...

I'm finding this is a process we need to go through periodically as things change. Also, I tend to do well for a while and then uneccesary spending slowly creeps in. It's always good to be reminded.

Looking forward to what else you have to say. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lightening, what is unnecessary spending does seem to change over time. I'm pretty good most of the time but health and simple living magazines are my weakness. I too am keen to read what else you have to say.

cheers Lenne

Unknown said...

the rare bit of unnecessary spending I or hubbie & I do is the occasional eating out or treat foods like tonight we had a kg of prawns!!

I am slao keen to read what else you write :)

Lis said...

My weakness is anything Scrapbook related...although the other day I managed to walk away from something I normally would have purchased! Snack food is my other weakness, particularly chocolate!

Anonymous said...

I am really trying to cut out unnecessary spending - the best buys I have made lately are a super-comfortable backpack so that I can carry food etc on day trips, and my insulated travel mug - coffee from home only costs a few cents.

Thanks for your reminders. Looking forward to the tips from others.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with lightening. I tend to do well for a while then slip off the wagon. Your post was fantastic timing as I have been thinking its time to stop and think again about every purchase.
Scrapbooking is also my weakness and I have decided to stay well away from any purchases for a while.


Alita Pereira said...

My worst spending habit is buying lunch at work. I just can never think of what I want to eat at lunch time in the morning. Get the kids lunches done ok - just mine.
Will need to be more organised and get something together.

Anonymous said...

Egads. That coffee analogy really hit home. Really makes you think how the simple things you don't give a second thought to buying can add up.

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