Changing The World - one air pot at a time.

Do you remember these ? These are called " air pots". They were around in the 70's/ 80's. They are a giant thermos with a pump top that holds about 2 litres of boiling water or icy drinks.
My obsession began quite a few years ago, BC actually ( BC = before children). As we were sitting somewhere eating take away that starts with a big 13th letter of the alphabet I spied an older couple with their basket and their thermos having morning tea/lunch. It really struck me that what they were doing was not only healthy it was extremely frugal and they didn't have any rubbish. We, on the other hand had spent 20 bucks to clog our arteries and pollute the earth.
So, ever since, I have christened these folks " thermos people" to the point that when we drive places we point them out. "look honey, thermos people".
All the thermos people I ever saw were older folks. Even folks with huge 4 wheel drives and caravans bigger than my home who certainly didn't look like they needed to save money were using their thermos! So why aren't young couples and families applying the thermos principle ? We need it the most. We need to still pay off house educate our children etc. We can't afford to be pulling into takeaway shops !
So..... the tradition began. We became thermos people and encouraged others in our age group to become thermos people as well.
I remember travelling around western New South Wales and pulling into the park at Dubbo and making coffee for hubbie and I and snacks and drinks for the children, with home baked biscuits and cake and felt the greatest sense of joy - which I call " joy of joys". I even have the vintage table cloth ! Oh !!!!!

The air pot obsession was simply an extension of the thermos principle. When I saw my very first one I couldn't believe that they still existed. I remembered them from my childhood. I just had to have it. IT WAS THE ULTIMATE THERMOS !
Since then I have taken it everywhere and showed it off so very proudly! Then a N Friend's husband found one in amongst second hand items that was brand new in a box with original paperwork ! - We were soooooo excited and couldn't believe our luck. I ended up finding another one for K Friend last week for her birthday. The funniest thing was that her other friend had also got her one so now she has two - one hot and one cold !
They are sooooooo brilliant. We waterski and picnic most weekends so we always have byo coffee and food. The savings are extraordinary ! Do the maths. Even if we only bought one coffee each Sunday theres a $300 saving.
We laughed so hard today because down on our river a vintage car club turned up for their morning tea stop. They all got out of their old cars and got their thermos' out and that's when I spotted it - on a table further up the park - an air pot ! I had to hold myself back from going up to bond with them, and ask them if it is an original still in use and discuss the longevity.
I held back.... after all.... I didn't want them to think I had some sort of air pot obsession !!! LOL
Anyway, my challenge to you all is this. Firstly, if you did grow up with an air pot or if you were/ are 'thermos people' I want to hear ALL about it.
Secondly, if you are not currently thermos people, then make a start ! Next time you travel anywhere pack a picnic lunch and pocket the savings! Do the maths and work out what you can save.
Thirdly, as you drive around this great country of ours ( our yours) take note of the ' thermos people' and think about how they save their health, their hip pocket and the planet.
Fourthly, spread the word ! Help me in my individual quest to revive the air pot world wide !


Kez said...

lol - we had a brown one :) We usually didn't travel with it though as most of our trips were longer ones where we took the camper van. It did it's service at parties etc. Knowing my parents they still have it somewhere. I'm on the lookout for a thermos at the op-shops - I'm not a much of hot-drink person but every now & then it's nice. We always carry drink bottles with cold water though.

Cathy said...

Hello Busy Woman

Ours died a death a couple of years ago and I have tried ever since to find another. None of the flasks I see for sale hold as much liquid as the air pots did.

Its the first thing I akso look for at the op shop


Anonymous said...

I've never seen one of those air pots before but we have a couple of thermos's and regularly take an eski bag with cold water in it with us. My parents take a thermos flask of hot water with them just about everywhere.

Minni Mum said...

Oooh, that brings back memories! Mum has a snazzy red one we used to use for family functions to save boiling the jug several times - would love to pinch it off her but I suspect I would have trouble, LOL! We are definitely "thermos people", LOL. I bought a fabbo unbreakable stainless steel jobby years ago when we were first dating - DH was initially horrified (that's what old people do!) but we used to do lots of bushwalking - no cafes in the middle of the bush! Wouldn't be without it :-)

Michelle said...

Oh I am definitely a thermos person.LOL We have 3 different sizes, 2, 4, & 8 cup and depending on how long we are going out for and wether we are on the Harley or in the car determines which one we take. I wonder if people think we look odd when we rock up on the Harley dressed in black leather and tattoos and pull out the thermos and make a cuppa? LOL
I used to have an airpot but the insides broke many years ago and it was turfed out. I remember using it one time when my dd2(now 26) was very young and putting warm milk in it, this we soon discovered was not such a smart idea as the milk curdled and dd2 ended up with a pain in the tummy. I often see them in op shops and may just pick one up on my next visit:)

Rhonda Jean said...

We are thermos people! Come over and talk if you see us on the road and we'll gladly talk airpots and thermoses. LOL

My parents had an airpot and used it, like Julie, to save hot water instead of boiling the kettle frequently.

gary said...

My parents had an airpot, but it wouldn't see much use these days.

We're becoming thermos people. We'll be on the road a bit in the upcoming school holidays and the thermos will get a workout. These days we have one of the stainless steel ones since we broke a glass one whilst travelling once.

Regards, Gary

lightening said...

Brilliant post! You're enthusiasm is very infectious. :-)

I remember seeing them around but have never used one. So you can use them for hot or cold and the fluid comes out of the spout. Is that right? I'll have to keep my eyes open.

DH has a thermos he takes on the tractor but we've never really taken it with us other places (mostly we drink water that we take in water bottles). I *should* get into the habit of taking it with us - especially now we're getting into the footy season.

I do get a bit worried about what people might think though - it's so unusual these days isn't it. Everybody is in the habit of buy, buy, buy!

kathirynne said...

I just bought an Airpot this week end at a charity shop. It cost (wait for it) 17 cents.

It's white with loverly red poppies round the bottom, so it coordinates beautifully with my (also thrifted) vintage picnic cooler.

I know they both will get quite the workout at my sons' football games and cross-country running meets. (No more concession-stand rubbish for my lot!!)

FloridaFlamingo said...

Just found a red plaid model this weekend at a thrift store. Love it.

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