Enviro Saver Programme

We have just had an energy assessment through the Enviro Saver programme.

This is a free assessment of energy and water usage.

 During the assessment they change all your light globes over to energy efficient ones and fit water saving shower heads or flow restrictors.

They can also give advice about rain water tanks and solar water heaters etc. We already had a few energy efficient bulbs in, but they changed an extra 11 lights for us.

This programme is free because it generated carbon credits which companies then buy. I am looking forward to the savings and will keep you posted.

Check out the site to see if they are working in your area yet ( aussies only sorry).


Unknown said...

that's great that it is available in your area ~ unfortunately not in mine!

Jenny said...

I got all excited then found out it is only in NSW and the ACT. Never mind.

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