Warning: Soap Box Moment

Tomorrow is number one son's 9th birthday and tonight I dropped by our locally owned independent toy store 'Mal's'.

 Mal showed me the Lego catalogue and told me that anything with a star next to it means that he is unable to order it in because they only supply it to the two large department stores in my area.

Well............. I was horrified.

Those Goliaths are going to put my little  David out of business if they keep going this way.

 All I can say and I shout it from the roof tops, is SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES.

 I have seen it in a town I used to live in where the only fuel is distributed by those companies who are associated with a food store.

Once the independents are gone, the market is owned by the Goliaths and there is no competition and they set the prices.

Fuel in this town was 12 c a litre more expensive than the nearest town.

So... I am even more passionate now about keeping local people in business, whether you buy your eggs off the lady down the road, or attend your local farmers market or barter with friends.



Unknown said...

that's attrocious ~ ggrrr!!!! I hate it that big companies can do that.......

Polly said...

I've been focusing on buying from our local shopping centre whenever possible. I'd much rather support them even if I have to pay a bit more.

Lis said...

I always try to support the small local businesses, but sometimes you have to go with the bigger stores. We all do waht we can to support small business :)

Anonymous said...

Sadly the small business world is close to extinction thanks to the big companies and their steam roller tactics

Alita Pereira said...

Its really sad for our small businesses to have to compete with this. I try and buy from our small town businesses as much as possible. Luckily the local clothing shop has my size and is great for specials and selection. There is a couple of other good stores but many have closed down due to a larger town nearby. We have Bilo - I try to buy all my fresh fruit and veg at the green grocer before them.

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