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It May Not Look Like Much........

Finished !

This is my dishcloth wish I have to put in the post by Friday. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, refer to Down to Earth on the link bar at right. Rhonda had such an interest in her use of home made cotton dishcloths rather than disposable wipes that she put up a swap for anyone that was interested. The idea is that you pair up and make a dishcloth then swap it. Sounds great in theory and I signed up without too much thought. After she posted the due date it suddenly occurred to me that I can't knit !!! Well, actually, I can knit but only whilst chanting " in around through off". I let Rhonda know that I was a little worried but she assured me

that if we wanted something that was perfect we would go and buy it from a store. Tonight I wanted to finish but didn't know how to so I had to Google " knitting- casting off". All I can say is 'Thank you Google, where would I be without you. ' Google sat me down on his lap and gave me a photograph tutorial of how to cast off and DAH DAH ( said with expression) FINISHED ! ( after many hours of chanting) The most hilarious thing is that my swap buddy is Chris from the US who has a website called " crafty angels". This woman is obviously VERY talented and will probably laugh at my effort, but to me, it is beautiful and is the first knitting project I have ever finished.
A Vision Splendid
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Robin said...

Well Done on what you have done with the knitted...Your Swap partner will enjoy it...

You did well taking a photo i never did on mine before i sent it to NZ


Anita and Sandy said...

I am HONORED to receive your first completed knitting project!!! Good for you that you sttuck with it, mastered what you needed to know, and FINISHED it!! Hooray for you! I can't wait to get it!

Polly said...

Well done with the dishcloth, it looks terrific. Now you've practised you can make some for yourself :-)

I've nominated you for the "Nice Matters Award" and you can find the details at my blog :-)

Unknown said...

Congratulations on completing the dishcloth ~ the colours of it are lovely!!

The swap that Rhonda organised has got me wanting to knit(even though I wasn't brave like you and entered the swap without knowing how to do it)I want to be able to knit my own dish clothes and intend to learn sometime this year :)

lightening said...

You've done well. I didn't enter the swap even though I would have loved to - cos I can't knit. :-) I have been trying to learn over the past few weeks but have lost count of the number of times I've unravelled my dishcloth attempts. LOL. I'm sure I'll get there eventually. I think what you've done looks great! :-)

Kez said...

Well done! I wouldn't even attempt it!

Anonymous said...

It looks great I am in the swap and have sent mine. They are a great dishcloth and wear well

Lis said...

Well done I say as well! I never really "got" knitting or crocheting, but perhaps you have inspired me to give it another try :)

Susan said...

Well done, you should be proud :)
I havent knitted for years and like you can only knit basic and have no idea how to cast off (my mum or nan would do that bit!)

Minni Mum said...

Well done! I also haven't knitted since I was very young, and only then when my mum had cast on (and then cast off) for me! Keep up the great work :-) Cheers,

Lis said...

Oh I must add I have awarded you a Nice Matters award - details on my blog :)

Rhonda Jean said...

LOL! it's finished and it looks good. See, you can knit. : ) I'm not much of a knitter myself but I've found that by knitting cloths I've improved my knitting technique significantly.


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