My Creative Space

I like to have a creative space. It is a place where I can sit and.....create. The space is almost like a canvas itself. It is a collection of little things that bring me joy, photos, flowers, tidbits of memories.

Overall, I think it is the combination of the colours that make me happy. Considering that the rest of our home is neutral coloured with timber furnishings, this room is quite a contrast. The desk is just a fold up table and the shelving was put up by Hubby.

This is the space where I sit, or the boys sit to make things. I use it to make cards or do some scrapbooking. I always joke about how therapeutic it is to sit and cut up bits of coloured paper.

I got these paper racks second hand when a local scrapbooking shop was closing down. It's not as if I do so much craft that I have to have these out all the time, it's more that I love the rainbow of colours. ( They are Easter hats on the top shelf, waiting for some pieces to dry)

The whole area needs a bit of a clean up. The space is just inside the office door so it tends to be the hot spot where things like paperwork and school notes are put when the rest of the house is being cleaned.

This is the style of albums I make. I am not very decorative, I am just producing photo journals to have a hard copy of our yearly adventures. These photos are from last year's Junior Spirit, a triathlon style event held at Forster each year.

Do you have a designated area where you create. knit, sew ? Do you have an area that you purposefully decorate to make yourself feel a particular way or to express your individuality. I think expressing yourself in a creative way is good for your soul!


sarah said...

Your space is so cheerful and welcoming. My creative space is just a mess at the moment!

Paola said...

Hi, I have a creative space upstairs in an upstairs loft area. I am so grateful to have this because (1) it is all mine! (3) it has a nice view (2) it's away from the rest of the house so I don't feel as if I need to keep it tidy all the time. In my loft I scrapbook and sew.
I have been a scrapbooker for many years, and was a Creative Memories consultant for a while. Like you, my style is not decorative - I'm more interested in recording the story behind the photos.
I have had a sewing machine for years, and have sewn mainly soft furnishings, but in the last year or so I have started to sew clothes for myself and my daughter.
I love my loft....

Anonymous said...

This cracks me up! All day ive been looking for crafty spaces on line as Ive just figured out away so i can give myslef my own space and here si a great one in my bloglines. It was great seeing yours!

N8chaluva said...

Hiya. Nice space & I luv the colour too. Its a tough call having a nook in a busy site. On one hand it gets overloaded, but on the other it gets used. I've found when I move my spinning wheel to an upstairs nook, I don't use it so much. Mmmm.
The large fold up table has given me some ideas though. cheers.

denese said...

love this space so nice
what an inspiration

libby said...

Just going back through your posts and realized I never commented on your room - it looks great. I love having an area for craft (scrapbooking in my case) that I can leave set up. When we designed our home we were going to have a playroom for the girls but then I realized at ages 4 and 6 they wouldn't really need one for much longer and a scrapbook/craft room would be a much better option. It's just off the family room so very much a part of the house and is used almost every day.
I think craft room are always in need of a clean up - ours is in need of one pretty desperately and on the list to tackle before the girls go back to school.


Unknown said...

Ilove your creative space..must organise mine better and out some colour into it. I only recently started scrapbooking earlier this year and met a girl who is into creativ4e memories. I am not that creaitve but it is fun..not as much fun as little chickens but,:) and glad I found your blog will have to add it to mine

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