Earthy Quiche

I love this quiche and I bake it regularly. It has become a really good breakfast food for hungry teenagers - it keeps them going all day!

I start by browning some onion and garlic, perhaps some bacon or sweet potato cubes. You can add anything you like that needs pre-cooking.

I whisk 4 eggs, some corn kernels, chopped spinach, half a cup of self-raising flour, half a cup of milk,  some grated cheese... you get the idea, basically anything you have on hand.

I add  lots or rosemary at this point. It is my secret ingredient to give the quiche a really earthy deep flavour.

Stir everything together and pour it into a glass pie plate. I have used a sheet of frozen pastry under this one to hold everything together, although you may find it is okay without the pastry.

Bake for 50 minutes at 180 degrees. Slice into 8 pieces when cooked.

Do you have a quiche recipe ? Do you add in anything you have on hand ? If you try this one or have an interesting recipe, please share in the comments below or on Facebook. If you know someone who will love this recipe, use the buttons below to share the love around! 


Anonymous said...

My secret ingredient is to leave out the pastry but add some SR flour (from memory it's about 1/4-1/2 a cup) and mix it into the milk and egg mix. Add the rest of the ingredients and it sinks to the bottom with some of the egg and milk and makes a pastry in itself. Since cutting down the gluten, I've effectively made it with buckwheat flour (also an earthy flour) and probably GF flour although I don't specifically remember. :)

I've also made sweet quiche where you use the egg and milk but add peaches or pears or apples, cherries etc and a little sweetener of choice. It's unusual but tasty. :)

A Vision Splendid said...

I like the idea of the sweet quiche - sounds lovely !

Wholesale Toys Australia said...

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jessica said...

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