Mandarins and Macadamias: Mother Nature's M&Ms

Wandering around the backyard with a basket in hand, there are so many delicious offerings to be found!

I am starting to call this area 'the food forest' because there is always something to snack on.

The Macadamias are starting to fall from the tree. They are in a green pod which breaks open to reveal the hard brown shell. Inside the nuts are creamy and lovely tasting - a true Aussie Bush Food !

I add macadamia nuts to banana bread instead of using walnuts.


Tania said...

I was so pleased to see you are back blogging again. Welcome back, I am liking your new layout, it is looking great.

I am wondering if we can grow macadamias in this area of Australia (arid), I will have to check that out.

We are picking citrus fruit at the moment, lemons, grapefruit, oranges and mandarins. I have picked 71kg of mandarins so far and the tree is still loaded. I thought it would be a good idea to see just how much our tree produces. So far we have been amazed. We juice our citrus for breakfast, that way we use quite a few up easily, and we get out dose of Vitamin C. The rest we will swap and give away.

Your banana bread looks so good! I love it slightly toasted with butter, yum!


A Vision Splendid said...

Thank you Tania for the warm welcome back - it has been quite a while.

71 kgs of mandarins is incredible! I haven't measured ours (and we have three different sorts) but we have been able to feed the neighbours as well as ourselves. One of our trees must be almost 3 metres tall - it is very difficult to get up there - even with a giant ladder.

I would be interested to know where macadamias grow as well. I thought we may be too far south ( we are on the mid north coast of NSW) but there are a few trees around here that do well. I am doing my homework at the moment on what other nut trees can grow in the area so I can put more in - they are such a great food source!

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