An Adoption Story

Look who has been taking up my time lately! 

This is the latest addition to our family. He is a puppy adoption from the RSPCA. He was completely unplanned! 

Our neighbour looks after puppies for the RSPCA until they find homes.....( or worse if they don't find homes). Our boys are often at her house playing with the puppies. 

A couple of weeks ago they asked me if they could bring a dog over to our house to play. I reluctantly agreed and told them to lock up the chooks ( imagining they were bringing some sort of Alsatian)

Can you imagine what I felt when they brought this little guy in ? I went from " a dog is a lot of responsibility and I'm not sure you're ready"  to  "oh, we have to keep  him?" in about a space of ten seconds.

The RSPCA get lots of puppies. This little guy was dumped at the pound. We had to wait 14 days until ownership passed to the RSPCA and then they desexed him, microchipped him and gave him health checks and immunisations. 

He hasn't been mistreated and has a lovely little personality. They think he may have been an unwanted Christmas present. :>(

He is an excellent companion. The boys have really taken on the responsibility of looking after him and I just adore him. We are putting lots of time into training him. He has brought us so much joy! 

He is very happy with us - he has even started his naughty puppy behaviour lately where he will grab a sock and run with it, hoping to be chased !

The only problem the poor fellow has is that the chooks are mean to him !

If you are looking for a companion animal, make sure you check out the RSPCA. They really do run a wonderful programme and by taking a puppy you are leaving a space so that the life of the next puppy can be saved.


Paola said...

Hi, it's been good to read this story. My daughter has her heart set on a dog, but we've been a bit reluctant because of the chooks. We'll definitely check out the RSPCA.

Cheryl said...

Too cute, I can see why you fell in love with him. We lost our canine family member last year, and you really do miss the company of the furry four legged kind after they have gone. They make great humans.

Hahnsmum. said...

l love dogs more than most people l have ever met so you ceretainly got my vote.. Dear little guy..He`ll bring you all years of joy, affection, loyalty & all the rest.. Best Wishes, Pam Clarke.
New England, NSW, OZ..

GrizzlyBearMom said...

I rescued a Siberian Husky dog from the Aspca. God sure knows what he was doing in sending me pups. How did I ever had joy before I had my swee 'Tater?

GrizzlyBearMom said...

I rescued a Siberian Husky from the Aspca. God sure knows what he is doing when he passes out pups. How did I ever have joy before I had my swee 'Tater?

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