Not So Splendid

 We are building a deck off the back of the house at the moment. Everything around here is far from a splendid vision, that is for sure.

The deck will act as an outdoor kitchen and living area for the summer so we can cook and eat outside.

It was just our luck that once the driveway was pulled up and the footings dug we had so much rain that the back yard turned into a swimming pool.

 The boys thought it was great fun and played in the rain and mud. I have given up trying to keep the inside of the house tidy and will just do a final cleanse and carpet clean once all signs of mud and building material have vanished.

It is our year to host Christmas for our family this year so we are thrilled that it will be outdoors alfresco dining.

I am so excited to be able to have a summer outdoor kitchen and can't wait to christen it with a great meal, good friends and lovely wine.


Tania said...

Looks like your chooks approve of the new deck! Having a good nosy there.

Should look nice when it is finished, and it will be lovely eating out there.

Cheryl said...

Don't get me started on renovations, we had a large deck/bedroom extension done this year, it started in March, and we are only just at the point where we can start painting! Good idea not to worry about dust/dirt etc it's just not worth it. I hope for your sake it is finished by Xmas, ours should be...just! (LOL)

Libby said...

I'm sure it will all be worth it when it's done. Love the photo of your chooks hanging out on the beams.


mashelly said...

looking good..ilove seeing things like this take shape

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