Practice Random Acts of Kindness

When we were in Sydney we were walking along in Darling Harbour when the boys found an SD card on the ground. A few weeks later when we got home, we decided that we would make it our quest to look through the photos and try and locate the owner. I had heard of someone loosing a camera once and some kind stranger viewed the photos and tracked down the owner. We knew it would be a difficult job, but thought it would be such a triumph if we could track the owner of this SD card down.

We looked all through the photos as a family, gathering clues about our mystery people - who, realistically could have lived anywhere in the world. We were so excited when we realised they were more than likely Australian. That narrowed it down to about 22 million people!

Although we could work out where they went on their holidays ( and what costumers they wore to a Halloween party! lol) We couldn't work out any way of contacting them.

Just when we were about to give up, I remembered seeing a photo of some school children and was able to zoom right in on the badge of the school uniform. We then googled the name of the school and sent the school an email with a couple of pictures attached asking them if they recognised the family.

You can imagine our delight when we were contacted by the school and the family to say the card was theirs! They lived all the way over in Western Australia.

Our boys were delighted and we thought it was hilarious that we could actually do this. Although I guess it was a little invasive for the owner, I am sure they are extremely grateful to get all their precious photos back.

The joy you get from performing an act of random kindness is fabulous....... why not give it a try sometime, you never know when the favour might be returned to you!


libby said...

What a wonderful story. Glad it had a happy outcome. I can only imagine how devastated I'd be if I lost a memory card.


FindSavings said...

I think what you did was more than just a random act of kindness...it was above and beyond! Seriously, I think the FBI could use people like you! Thank you for sharing this! This is a great story!

Unknown said...

My family were the very lucky, unlucky ones who lost the card in Sydney, We cannot begin to say how grateful we are that there are still people around in these times who are willing and thoughtful enough to go to the effort of returning the card to us!
My family and my husbands sisters and brother's families combined numerous photos we loved the best on the card as a gift with a digital photo frame for my husbands parents. We were at the beginning of a 3 week holiday, travelling nsw and victoria when the card was lost, we hadnt even realising the card was missing! So you can imagine how surprised we were to get a call saying it had not only been found, but the people that found it, were trying to locate us to give it back!
This certainly was more than a random act of kindness, and nothing can really show how appreciated you are that someone will try that hard to return an item that is such a small and seemingly unimportant thing to anyone but the owner.
The card is now safely back in the frame, where it will be staying! thanks to this one act of kindness :)

Mad Men Girl said...

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Thanks a bunch!

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