Re-Using Success.

I still have a lot of plastic in my cupboards.

I have been making a real effort to re-purpose a lot of it because I don't think there is any sense in just throwing it all into landfill. It defeats the purpose.

Slowly but surely I have been changing over some of the storage containers in my cooking cupboard, a cupboard I have above my main prep area so I can just reach up and grab everything I need.
The large glass jars are from buying coffee in bulk and the smaller jars are from local oysters. They have a plastic lid unfortunately, but I still like to re-use them.

I have labeled the jars very simply with a permanent texta.

I enjoy opening the cupboard and looking at all the cooking supplies. I can see at a glance what needs to be topped up, often from a bigger supply in the pantry. I especially enjoy decanting the farmer's market honey into my little pour bottle which makes it easier to manage and easier to pour out a little for a cup of tea or to add to a recipe. I also like having my spices in bigger containers because I use so much of them.

But most of all I love the fact that the containers are NUDE. There are no brand names, no bold colours and no in your face slogans. It makes me feel all 'Little House on the Prairie -ish' LOL or maybe even a bit 'Waltons-ish' - knowing I can send John Boy to the store for a pound of sugar any time soon!

- Gotta love a spoon full of madness each and every day.


Suze said...

I,too, enjoy storing things in glass. It is so easy to see what is to hand and seems far better than plastic. Right now it is not overly practical for our situation but when I can I will be back to my bottles.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear I'm not the only one who sees wisdom in re-purposing the plastic that still remains. It's something I've just begun - avoiding plastic.
When bacon began to be sealed in plastic, my grandmother used to wash these clear packages and reuse them as folders for small papers - hymn book music pages, for example (she was a church pianist). I actually have a few of these. I don't know how she got the grease off of them but she did.
I also collect jars with wide openings to use for storage. I like the ones with designs in the glass as well.

Tania said...

Your storage jars look great. Thanks for sharing the idea. Love the way you have simply labeled them.

I find some of the sticky labels on jars are hard to remove, it takes quite an effort but well worth it.


Little Messy Missy said...

Looks great!

Lee said...

The storage jars looks beautiful.

We've got truckloads of tupperware, which I am gradually getting rid of, by selling it second hand.

I figure if other people are happy having it in their homes, that's their choice. We can't afford to just throw it out, so selling it seems the sensible option.

We're going to glass jars, glass lids, and rubber seals.

For some reason I can't figure out, food tastes better when it has been stored in glass, rather than plastic. Is this just me, or do you think the same?

Mel said...

I'm slowly de plasticing our kitchen also, we reuse the same coffee jars, all our friends know to keep them for us :-) And I'm a glass jar fiend at markets, op shops, garage sales etc

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