According To Martha ....Six Things To Do Daily

According to MARTHA who has positioned herself as THE world wide authority on all things 'homey' we should be doing the following 6 things every day in the home.

1. Make The Bed - because tidiness begets tidiness, meaning if you make the bed you will feel like cleaning the rest of the room.

2. Manage Clutter - we are meant to grab clutter every time we walk out of a room and encourage other family members to do likewise.

3. Sort The Mail - open, read and sort as soon as we bring it inside.

4. Clean As You Cook - rinse and pop things into the dishwasher as you are cooking ( great advice for those that actually HAVE a dishwasher )

5. Wipe Up Spills While They're fresh - almost anything is easier to remove if you attend to it straight away.

6. Sweep The Kitchen Floor - every evening after you have finished cooking so that dirt and grime don't build up.

Well..... sounds easy enough when you read it in a pretty little list. How do you rate in the Martha stakes ?


Helen said...

I always make the bed but it doesn't guarantee that the bedroom is always tidy and I rarely sweep the floor after dinner because I am too tired to care. :-)

I heard yesterday that Martha has banned red candles from her house because she doesn't want the wax to drip on her good table linen. My guess is she's not much fun to live with.

A Vision Splendid said...

Helen, my guess is she doesn't have any children under ten in her house. lol

Suze said...

I try but fail every minute of the day. Being tidy is something I work very hard at and just don't succeed.

I have to agree with Helen. I think it would be hard to live with Martha. Occassionally I see her show and she talks over and corrects her guests. I have seen this more than once! I guess I can be happy with done is better than perfect.

A Vision Splendid said...

I totally agree Suze.

I work hard at it - but with kids in the house it is a never ending job !

I do most things on the list most of the time ( except I don't have a dishwasher - but do put things in soapy water as I go). I think the thing we all don't like is when things on websites/ TV come across as 'perfect'. I think in real life that would be quite a tense environment.

Tania said...

I do most things on the list except load the dishwaher (I refuse to have one!)

I have to make my bed everyday and do the dishes. I tidy up generally but I only have one child (13yo) at home. When I had four children living in the house it was near on impossible to keep clean.

shandora said...

hihi, pretty good I have to say; except, I don't have a dishwasher, so wash everything up by hand, ans I'm cooking. And I do have a hard time convincing the children and hubby to take stuff with them as they leave the room.....

Grace said...

I am sure Martha has things done for her by others. I doubt she does all the things on her list. Anyhow, even if she did all of that everyday, we are all different types of individuals and keep homes differently. Don't feel like we have to be like others. Remember there is no "correct" way. Be yourselves, authentic and loving. Don't compare yourselves to "domestic goddesses" if your strengths lie elsewhere. Instead embrace those strengths and be true to yourself.

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