A New Space

I have found myself a new space.

I used to have a creative space in the small office that we have. It used to be one of the boys' bedrooms a few years ago and I loved the bright blue walls.

Since being so sick, I found it really difficult to go and work in that space. It only has a small window and I was having trouble seeing the true colours of papers I was working with. I could match two pieces of paper and then view them in different light and see that they were two completely different shades of the one colour.

When I was so sick I was drawn to the light. Wherever the sun was shining, I had to be - curled up under a blanket. As the sun moved around the house I followed it, starting for a couple of hours in my bedroom and then slowly moving around the house until it started to shine through the lounge room window and I could curl up on the lounge.

I decided that I would take over the front bedroom. It used to be my youngest son's room, but he decided to move in with his big brother a few months ago. They had been using this room as a 'games' room. It had lego and toys and their play station and piano keyboard.

On one of the days when I was feeling better I worked like a little ant to swap the rooms over. I would pick up four or five books from one room and shuffle them into the other room and bring four or five books from there back to this room. It was a very slow process, but like a little ant I just kept shuffling along moving things from one room to the other. It took a long time.

Now I have this fabulous spot to work. It is right at the front of the house. I can look out and see the chooks pecking around in the front yard. I see people walking past with their dogs and kids riding their bikes. If you look at the photo you will notice a little rose - that is where the sun peaks over the horizon every morning. I love to sit here and greet it.

I haven't got the room set up exactly the way I want it yet. I have to sit around in here for a while and do a few projects and get the feel for it. Then I will reorganise it to suit me better. It's all about feeling glorious in your space and not feeling cluttered and overwhelmed. I need it to be functional, yet highly motivating and inspiring.

For now, I am loving sitting here with a hot cup of tea and looking out at the world. I love the light. I am so glad that I found this space. I can't believe it has been here all along.

It just goes to show that changes come from within. Sometimes, the things that we are looking for have been here all along.


Anita said...

Hi Michelle. I'm relatively new to your blog, and after downloading and devouring your ebook, I have set out on the path to a simpler lifestyle. It's baby-steps to start with, but I have begun, and that is what counts. Thanks so much for inspiring me to make this change that is so very needed. Anita. xx

Suzanne said...

I am a bunk bed away from gaining my own creative place in our home! My two youngest children are going to be rooming together and I will gain a sunny front room. I am so looking forward to it. I have started the decluttering in preparation for the move - I don't want any clutter to stifle my creativity! Hope you enjoy your space.

Katrina said...

The sun is wonderful medicine isn't it?! They say that so many things can be made better by spending time in the sun, with our modern houses being too dark inside we miss out on all that important light (I am in the process of organising some of my back verandah to have the tin taken off and some of that "plastic stuff" put in to let more light into my house)
Enjoy your special place, it looks wonderful!!

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