Garden Update

I can't believe after the awful weather we have been having that our garden is still standing! At one stage last week I looked out through the rain covered windows and was sure these plants were horizontal. The wind was incredible, not to mention all the rain and flooding.
The carrots here are going strong and my experimental onions ( to the right) are really coming up well. I haven't grown onions before so I hope they are going to be a real hit as they are one vegetable we use all the time. Behind that you can see the potatoes and broad beans coming along really well.

Looking at this little area today, it seems as though things are recovering. Thank goodness. I have a lot of seedlings that I have raised and am hoping to put into their new homes this week, but I couldn't put them into pure mud!

These two little tomato plants are going quite well, considering. They are little chili plants that are coming up around them. A friend around the corner from us had the most beautiful huge tomatoes all organically grown and she had chili plants practically wrapped around them. As you can guess, there was not a bug to be seen. As such, we are trialing that method with these two plants.

... and of course, how could I forget my lovely ladies that always do their job so well. Here they are turning scraps into eggs. How delightful!


Michelle said...

I am seriously impressed with your carrots!
Your backyard always looks so inviting and green and your chooks are beautiful.
I am not having much success in my veg patch at the moment because as soon as something pops it's little green head through the soil the rats come along and demolish everything.
I have set traps and laid baits this afternoon so hopefully I will get some victims tonight.

Anonymous said...

'The farm' looks lovely! I love your chook house. We are planning to build a new chook house soon and yours has given me an idea!

I'm also impressed with your carrots! I'm growing carrots for the first time in years - i hope they look half as good as yours soon.


MrsMultiTasker said...

Your garden looks so neat and tidy! You must be proud of it! I just planted my first ever vegie patch and put in carrots, peas, celery and onions. Then someone at work told me onions take 9 months! That will give me patience...lol

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