Earth Hour - A Step Back In Time

Last night we had dinner with some friends to celebrate a birthday. It co-incided with Earth Hour, a now annual event where participants are encouraged to turn off their lights for one hour from 8.30pm as in indication of support and to raise awareness of global climatic concerns.

Our boys knew all about Earth Hour because they had been discussing it at school. They packed torches to take with them and I packed a few extra candles, not sure what our hosts would have.
The kids ( there were nine of them) were watching a movie, playing the playstation and generally doing modern day kid things! When it was time to turn the lights out, however, out came the torches and games of spotlight and spooks started, as well as going out to look for flying foxes ( bats) and jumping on the trampoline with torches ( to the tune of squeals of delight). After that they came in and played the piano and we all commented on how lovely it was. Two of the boys in particular play really well and we enjoyed their Pachobel's Canon duet.

The grown ups continued their dinner party by candlelight and it was all very lovely. When the birthday cake came out we joked about not blowing the candles out because we needed the extra light until 9.30pm.

It always surprises me that as soon as our modern convenience is removed it doesn't take long before we revert back to our natural ways. We adjust very quickly to the inconvenience. The kids suddenly rely on their imaginations and have the greatest fun, the grown ups have a lovely night because of the change in mood or ambiance brought about by the softer lighting.

....and of course, as Pachabel's Cannon was playing in the background, it was a moment of joy when someone said ' you know, this is what it would have been like in the olden days'......... joy of joys!


CAM said...

We did earth hour as well and turned everything off at the mains because we like the silence of no buzzing electrical gizmos. We lit a candle and because our little one was already asleep we talked! This was instead of sitting either side of the room at our desks working. We talked for a hour....I think they might need to rename earth hour to reconnect hour lol I loved it and am thinking I might need to introduce a weekly "earth hour" as I feel it would be so good for our family relationships.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely evening! It is so nice to turn off modern conveniences like TV and computers and spend 'real' time with family and friends. I actually hid our TV as a joke once - it stayed hidden for 2 weeks. We had so much more real time. I keep on threatening to hide it for good : )


xo.sorcha.ox said...

I love Earth Hour! This year I was at a work conference Gala Dinner at the Hilton Hotel. The hotel did a wonderful job of promoting and participating in it - all lights were shut off from 8.30pm, and at 11pm when I left the dinner they were still out! They had lined the halls and restaurants and the tables in our Ballroom Hall with candles; it looked magnificent and the atmosphere was wonderful. Normally Earth Hour is spent at home and I love turning off *everything* and then sit around enjoying the silence. I think it would be wonderful to have an "earth hour" every week!
My partner wouldnt be so keen, though - he likes constant "background noise", and starts to get a bit antsy after 15 minutes or so! Haha.

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