A Day At Saltwater

Photo from www.chilternlodge.com.au

Yesterday I spent the day as a parent helper with my youngest son's class. We went to Saltwater National park for the day as part of their "by the sea" unit of study. Saltwater is an area that has the beach on one side and a lagoon and mangroves on the other. It has walking trails all around it and is a popular picnic spot and an aboriginal historical site.

We were broken up into small groups and I had my son and two other children with me to wander around in the scrub and on the beach to discover as much as we could and classify things into living and dead.

Number Two son is a real nature boy anyway, so he was in his element. I loved seeing his eyes light up as we found three different star fish in the rock pools. I can't wait to see his drawings.
So......A joyful day because I was able to watch some real learning take place and secondly just because I was there, something I would have missed if working full time.


Dina Roberts said...

It sounds like a beautiful day! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it so much.

Bucky said...

you didn't mention how young the youngest son was -- and although i've been reading you for ages now i don't remember.

but i loved and laughed at the two classifications they were to find -- living and dead.

really, doesn't that describe so much of the world around us? can't we look at our political leaders and business leaders and spiritual leaders and classify them the same way?

Living or dead.

Are we working to change the world?

Living or dead.

Are we taking care of our environment?

Living or dead.

Do we try to see the wonder of the world around us?

Living or dead.

Are we connected to others?

Living or dead.

Seems a rather good system to me.

A Vision Splendid said...


-loved your comment!

Number two is only seven.


Ladybird World Mother said...

What a lovely day you had... isn't it good to be able to do those simple but enormously important things.

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