The Rythm of Life Returns

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The long days of summer holidays are behind us and we are slowly returning to our usual rhythm. Today marks the first full week that the boys have been back at school.

After a summer of no shoes, lots of swimming and playing I have sent two bleached blonde haired, tanned boys back to school feeling most uncomfortable in their leather shoes!

It now time for me to turn my mind back to my rhythm. It's time to reshape the Vision Splendid and re-establish my connection with what it is that I am trying to achieve here.

Yesterday I did another radio interview with the local ABC. It was so nice to hear Fiona talk about how much she enjoys my site. It really gives me a tremendous sense of joy to know that others are empowered by reading my journey. Thank you again for the feedback and I look forward to building a stronger community throughout 2009.

So today I am pulling out my home management binder and revamping it for 2009. If you have a copy of my E-Book you can follow me - I am working through from page 18 on total organisation.

I have also started an audit of all the bills I pay. Have a look at the Simple Savings link on the left hand side which I am using to build more savings throughout the year. In January the focus was to look at all your bills and get a better deal. This is one site I always pay a membership for. It is a HUGE database of saving ideas - not just simple "use vinegar" type ideas, but I mean real ideas like where to find discount bread, meat, or stories of people negotiating cheaper insurance or how they have paid down debt etc. A very worthwhile resource.

As a list writer I love headings. I think in headings and boxes. So my thinking at the moment is grouped into the following headings. This sets out my focus areas for the next few weeks.

Finances: re-vamp budget, design new spending plan and organise bill payment system.

Household Management: evaluate current weekly plan and design systems. Look at doing LESS in 2009 by evolving simple successful systems for cleaning, ironing and home maintenance.

Baking: Invest time to save time - do more baking frenzies - find some interesting new meal ideas to add to our core group of meals.

Gardening: Plan out successive plantings to prevent the feast then famine approach that we had last year. Move towards supplying much more food from the garden.

So that's my 'thinking', which will then evolve into some projects.

Where are you heading in 2009 ?


Joanne said...

I had the same feeling this week, that some routine and regrouping was needed. I also blogged a list of things to work towards, only mine will be month-by-month goals.
I get the free newsletters from the Simple Savings sites but have hesitated to pay for a subscription when there is so much free advice out there. Its interesting to hear someone's opinion of its value.

Paola said...

Hi,it's funny how things work out. Yesterday afternoon I navigated to your blog via another blog (the name escapes me at the moment). Anyway, my satellite connection dropped out. Never mind, I'll do something else, I thought. So I switched on the radio and you were on the ABC being interviewed about your blog. How about that?
These are things that are my priorities in 2009:
Continue the process of decluttering the house, and join freecycle to give away the excess.
Give away/recycle one thing every time we buy something.
Start making my own bread at least once a week.
Pay closer attention to where our money is going, by keeping a budget.
Spend thoughtfully, and start to teach the kids about spending thoughtfully.
Put in a solar hot water system.
Make more of our clothes, improve my sewing skills.
Be more consistent with the vegie garden - if I start working often (I am a casual teacher) this often goes by the wayside.
I've recently resuscitated my blog after leaving it to languish for the last six months. Hopefully I'll be blogging about the above over the next few months. My blog address is www.spadesandspoons.blogspot.com
I'm off now to have a look around your blog. Cheers, Paola

Karen said...

Yours goals sound very similar to my own! I have worked out my budget for this year and the paperwork, etc that goes with it. Will be interested to see how it all pans out for you!
Cheers, Karen.

Anonymous said...

I love SS too!

I enjoy reading your blog, and am glad you are back on deck. I will look forward to reading more about your ideas.

There is no better time to return to a simpler life than now in this economic climate! There is so much satisfaction in a family that applaude your home made efforts, and in decluttering and feeling in control of your environment because you are organised!

Keep up the good work - it is appreciated! Julie

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