Not Blogging, Waving.

Just dropping in for a quick hello. My days have been swallowed by visits to doctors, surgeons, a trip to hospital and some surgery for number two son. A week off school before the operation and a week or so after the operation.

We are amazed by how brave he is. No tears, no fear. As I kissed him goodnight on the operating table and he closed his little eyes I felt my heart stop with pain.

But he, it occurred to us as we sat with him afterwards, had no expectations of what was to come and no understanding or fear. We wondered if it was the lack of commercial television in his life. He had not sat through tv shows depicting operating scenes or witnessing people lose loved ones all for the sake of "drama" in a 7pm time slot every night. We could be wrong, but it struck us that he was not frightened while we were struggling with 'what if' scenarios playing in our heads.

Experiencing this and as I listen to the horrific stories being told by the bushfire survivors in Victoria I wonder why it is that we need to watch television shows that 'simulate' drama, sadness, suspense, loss - when there is so much of it happening in the real world anyway! I don't understand.

Anyway... number two son is recovering so quickly. He is up and walking around and standing a little taller since all the compliments he is receiving about his courage.

I am just grateful that for this season in life I am at home... able to sit with him.... and snuggle him back to sleep at midnight without worrying about how I will cope with work in the morning. I know the season won't last forever, but for now...... I am grateful for the chance to take the time.


Paola said...

Hi, all the best to you and your family. Being there for your children, in body and mind, whatever the situation is such a wonderful gift. I also agree with you about so much of what passes for entertainment these days. Violence and horror in film or on TV is something I just can't abide, given there is so much horror in the real world anyway. Regards, Paola

Kez said...

I'm glad your son is ok - it must've been tough to watch him go under the anaesthetic..

Minni Mum said...

Sorry to hear that your son has been ill enough to need surgery, but am very glad to hear that he has taken it all in his stride and is doing well :-)

All the best for his recovery xx

Michelle said...

Big (((hugs))) to your very brave son and to you too for being a great mum.
I have boycotted many TV shows in this house as I refuse to watch any shows that use death as entertainment. There is just something intrinsically wrong with all these CSI type shows that glorify death and numb us to the reality of such loss while at the same time creating stress and angst. Most TV serves no other purpose than to be vehicles which advertisers use to market their wares and having nothing to do with quality entertainment.

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