Just Try Your Very Best

When you take on a more simple, sustainable life you come to rely on your own personal skills.

Some skills like cooking and gardening you may not possess but you slowly develop and practice. You slowly get better at planning meals, balancing a budget, providing in home entertainment.

Sometimes you surprise yourself and are quite happy to add a new found skill to your bag of tricks.
My bag of tricks is missing one noticeable skill area. Sewing. I would love nothing more than to be posting photos of my home made clothing, quilts and other beautiful handmade items. Some people can't boil an egg, I can't sew a straight line.

Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but you can feel my emotion. I have made various things throughout my life, shorts, pyjamas, curtains, bags and aprons, but I have never progressed.- maybe it is a mental block.

But...... my sons MAKE me sew.

They won't allow me to say no. After all 'there's no such word as can't in this house'. I beg them to understand... I just can't sew. But they set me up at the machine and say "just try your very best".

Who on earth taught them such empowering phrases ?

How dare they use them against me!

So... after another day of being stuck inside with two of every animal waiting for the dove to come back with an olive branch which tells me the flood is over, I made a..... penguin. Thank goodness he LOVES it.

Those of you who know me well are laughing now.... I can hear it......


xo.sorcha.ox said...

I feel your pain! I cannot sew either. In fact, I have always been frustratingly bad at it. A couple months back I posted about the desire to learn how to sew, but to this date I still havent made anything. I'm too scared of failing, because I know I will. And I dont even have a sewing machine, but I dont want to invest in one until I *know* I can sew successfully. I've always said that when it comes to being creative I'm good with scissors and glue, but not much else. :( Good luck with your sewing adventures! You're already doing far better than I am. :)

libby said...

Oh, that's so cute. I think it's gret you can sew at all. A few years ago I made blankets for the dolls!!! I've been trying to get lessons for years but everytime I book into a class it gets cancelled for lack of numbers.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ah yes sewing...
I want a sewing Machine to learn the whole straight line thing!
But I probley could'nt thread the thing to begin with!!
The penguin looks good to me,But this iscomming from someone who was Known to staple a hem on pants up!!lol!

Little Terraced House said...

You did good! Be proud.


Dessa said...

Awwe, I think he's mighty cute...and much better than I could do.

Unknown said...

Great job!!! Perhaps your mental block is more about the "homemade look" - we all get hung up on perfection - frankly it just takes too much energy to be perfect. If you can recycle a much loved tshirt into sleep shorts you are saving the planet, if you can make a kitchen curtain out of a torn tablecloth you are saving resources, if you can make your child something by hand you are giving them a tangible expression of your love. Saving the planet, building families who cares if the beak falls off!!!!


The Vintage Rose said...

I feel all warm inside and smile as I read that the boys are repeating back to you what you have sewed (pun intended) into their lives. It just takes practise to be a good sewer and some belief in yourself. KEEP GOING!!! the penguin is cute and has a special crafted by an artisan look!

Joanne said...

I've sewn most of my life and can make a tolerable quilt or clothing item but I still have trouble with straight!!
Very few sewers I know have to be perfect. If I had to have it all perfect I would give up. My tips:
1. Don't point out the flaws in your work to other people and they will probably never notice or at least be too polite to say so ;-)
2. Enjoy what you do. Relax your shoulders, make sure your chair is the right height for your machine and just enjoy it.
BTW, cute penguin!

Edain said...

Very cute, lol.. well done! :)

BTW, I have nominated your blog for an award! To see it please go to my blog! :)

white_lilly said...

That is so cute! Remember your kids will treasure that because you made it. I am also havig a mental block at the moment. I did sew about twenty years ago and I'm trying to get back into it.

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