Ticking off The To Do List

Slowly ticking off everything that needs to be done at this busy time of year.

Yesterday I had a fabulous day on the lake and the beach near Forster. I went with the kids to their end of year break-up day and it was jam packed with activities. There was canoeing on the lake, sandcastle competitions at the beach, ball games, parachute games, bush walking, treasure hunts. It was well run and let me tell you..... exhausting!

This morning I did the talk back segment on ABC New England/ North West. It was going fine until our funny little cockatiel (named Kevin!) got his wing caught in the cage and started flapping and squeeking really loud.

I got totally distracted and don't think I answered one of the questions! LOL Hello to any new readers who heard the programme today. Check out the content here and send me an email to say hi. I would love to hear from you!

Today we also had the annual prize giving and we were very proud of our sons. The eldest received the science award and the youngest the mathematics award.

In amongst all of that I have managed to squeeze in some card and tag making.

How are you going with your busyness? Do things speed up at this time of the year?


CAM said...

I reckon the year tips up and everything falls to this end...lol I STILL can't find my desk....good to hear someone else is busy too...it is a good busy though :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful few days with your kids, I tried to tune into the radio program someitmes because of our geography we can get radio fromk that way but I couldn't.


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