A Night in the Library with Colonel Mustard

I don't remember how it first started but we tend to turn everything off when there is a storm approaching. There have been quite a lot of thunderstorms lately and we have been watching the radar imagery on the bureau of meteorology website. For Australians it is http://www.bom.gov.au/

Last night as the storm got closer the boys asked whether everything should be turned off. I told them it is probably best if they do turn it all off. 'Best' however, is not because of the risk of appliances shorting out or power surges, although that is always a possibility, 'best' is because it a great opportunity to have a power free night. The electricity stays on, so we have lights, but the boys prepare torches, candles etc 'just in case'
It's all very exciting.

 Then comes the 'powerless' activities. - drawing, playing cards, building Lego. Last night we played Cluedo and had good fun doing it.

I love having silence in the house - that is when things slow down and everyone uses their imagination.


libby said...

What a fun way to spend the evening.


Creative Wishes said...

LOL, that is what we do! My boys think it is because things will blow up but really it is because I love the peace! So they go around switching everything off and then we sometimes go sit on the verandah outside and watch the rain and lightening and count the seconds before we hear thunder.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when a sever strom approaches we light a lamp or too. I love any excuse to turn off the box.

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